Leveraging a Legend to Drive Website Traffic and Boost Online Sales

Leveraging a Legend to Drive Website Traffic and Boost Online Sales

Ecommerce Case Study

This e-commerce business did their homework before selecting Eric Crouch to endorse their online memorabilia store. Their first assignment? Clearly understanding the demographics of their target market. Their second assignment? Partnering with a top influencer within their target market. To get the passing grade, HuskerFaithful.com leveraged psychographic data to create compelling messages, resulting in real results for their campaign.

Defining Demographics


HuskerFaithful’s online store is stocked with Nebraska athletics apparel and accessories. What unites visitors to the shop is one common love: Nebraska athletics. These fanatical supporters can be found in various pockets of online forums and message boards, but more recently, they are flocking to Twitter to share their thoughts on all things Huskers. As HuskerFaithful has products for fans of all ages, there was no need to narrow the target market for this campaign. The segment is simple: Nebraska sports fans engaging online.

Picking the Perfect Person

With over 30 former Nebraska athletes available for the HuskerFaithful campaign, the brand had a difficult choice in selecting their main influencer for this campaign. From recent graduates, to long-time legends, the search began to narrow when the brand limited their budget to less than $500. In the end, the most cost effective endorser was former Husker and 2001 Heisman Trophy winner, Eric Crouch. Eric’s online impact reaches fans of all ages, but one thing brings them together: the love for Nebraska football.

“opendorse was great to work with, we had tangible results, and we plan to continue utilizing their platform.” – Jon Sevenker | Owner | HuskerFaithful.com

Narrow the Narrative

Terrific Timing 

Not only was Eric Crouch a perfect fit for HuskerFaithful’s target market, his status as a Midwest husband and father helped bring a high level of authenticity to his messages. With the holiday season approaching, Eric’s endorsement of HuskerFaithful was centered on providing Husker fans with the inside scoop on top gifts for fellow fans and family.

The Result: Big-Time Boost

Eric Crouch introduced 40,000+ sports fans to HuskerFaithful.com, sending 692 to browse and purchase products. With a little help from well-timed endorsements from a legend, the HuskerFaithful brand continues to grow throughout the Nebraska fan-base.

Reach: 44,300  |  Total Engagements: 692  |  CPM: $9.32  |  CPE: $0.62

How You Can Use This

Now, it’s time for you to do your homework. Check out the following resources before building your first athlete endorsement campaign:

1. How to define your demographics

2. How to pick the right athlete endorser for your brand and campaign

3. How to make sure your messages fit your market and engage your audience

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