Millennial Social Media Usage

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The world is quickly changing and embracing technology with millennials at the forefront of the action. How do marketers get their attention? The first step is to truly understand their social media habits and usage.

There are 54.2 million social network users 0-24 years old.

millennial social media usage | opendorse

The majority (67.9%) of 0-24 year-olds are smartphone owners. 

millennial smartphone users |opendorse

It’s been said that “Facebook is dead” to millennials. However, the majority still use it:

millennial facebook users | opendorse

YouTube scores with the highest traffic, with Facebook following closely behind.
Network              Regular use        Rare use
YouTube              62%                        16%
Facebook            61%                        18%
Instagram            40%                        12%
Twitter                 32%                        21%
Snapchat             29%                        14%

Millennials love visual content.
60% are sharing pictures of themselves
+ 53% are sharing pictures of their friends and family
+ 9/10 with smartphones will be Instagram users this year.

Twitter is gaining in popularity but still less popular among teens.

millennial Twitter users | opendorse

When it comes to music, teens spend the most time listening on MP3 devices.

millennial music usage | opendorse

True to stereotype, teens are gamers. Only 11% do not play video games daily. 

millennial teen gamer | opendorse

It’s important to understand how millennials access the internet to effectively market to them.

Ages 13-18:

13-18 year olds internet | opendorse

Ages 19-26:

19-26 age group use internet | opendorse

Now that you know where and how to find millennials on social media, how do you get them to follow you? 
Reason                                                 Facebook            Twitter
Support the brand                               84%                       78%
Receive regular updates                    83%                       47%
Get a coupon or discount                  66%                       85%

The data and research collected is from eMarketer, Inc. March 2, 2015.

Marketing to millennials doesn’t have to be tough. What’s the best advice you have on successfully reaching this age group? Comment below. 

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