Draft Day: The Top NBA Draft Prospects on Social


The 2019 NBA Draft takes place tonight, and fans are eagerly waiting to find out who the latest addition to their favorite team will be. In preparation for tonight’s event, we’re providing a pre-draft analysis of the strongest social brands in this year’s draft class.

Projected top pick Zion Williamson leads all prospects in total audience size, with more than 3.7 million followers across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. His total following more than triples RJ Barrett, the second most-followed prospect.  Zion’s audience size also helped him lead the way in athlete-driven engagements, despite posting significantly less than the average player in his class.

While Williamson has nearly three million more followers, Ja Morant made a significantly larger impact with video. The former Murray State guard exceeded 8.2 million video views, topping the next-best prospect by over two million views.

Total audience growth among the group was very impressive, with prospects sporting an average growth rate of 46.8 percent. Former Texas Tech guard Jarrett Culver was the leader in this category, as he was able to increase his following by 866.7 percent over the last 12 months, thanks in large part to his performance during the NCAA Tournament and a trip to the school’s first National Championship Game.

One interesting thing to note is that only eight prospects in this year’s draft class have shared content on Facebook over the past year. This could signal a shift in social media usage among athletes, especially considering that many of this year’s top draft prospects are under the age of 20.

Top NBA Draft prospects on social

Below is our complete analysis of the top 2019 NBA Draft prospects on social media. The ranking includes data for more than 120 draft-eligible athletes, measuring the activity, audience, engagement, and growth on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from June 12, 2018 to June 12, 2019.

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Total Audience

Zion Williamson — 3.7 million followers
RJ Barrett — 1.0 million followers
Ja Morant — 964.8 thousand followers
Bol Bol — 681.0 thousand followers
Jaylen Hands — 544.5 thousand followers

Total Engagements

Zion Williamson — 8.8 million engagements
Ja Morant — 6.4 million engagements
RJ Barrett — 4.1 million engagements
Tyler Herro — 2.5 million engagements
Jalen Lecque — 2.4 million engagements

Total Growth

Zion Williamson — 2.0 million followers
RJ Barrett — 690.1 thousand followers
Cam Reddish — 294.6 thousand followers
Jalen Lecque — 231.0 thousand followers
Tacko Fall — 213.9 thousand followers

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