5 NBA Twitter accounts to watch in 2016-17

From late October to mid-June, “NBA Twitter” may be the most engaged community on social media. The community is made up of super-fans, beat writers, media personalities, professional gamblers, team accounts, and sometimes even NBA players. One of the most overlooked — and valuable — aspects of NBA Twitter are the team accounts themselves. Not only do team accounts provide a bulk of the best and fastest in-game media; several team accounts have separated themselves from the pack to be genuine sources of entertainment and inside information for fans and viewers. Teams have the ability to go beyond only reporting stats and media coverage, to truly engage their fans and NBA Twitter as a whole.


Rather than rank the best NBA Twitter accounts, we looked at a few of the most interesting team accounts to watch in the upcoming NBA season. We detail teams that have entertainment upside, new structures in place, that are known to take risks, and of course, a few that are simply great at what they do.


Here are our NBA Twitter accounts to follow throughout the 2016-17 season:


Most to Gain | New York Knicks

As Complex described in its annual ranking of NBA Twitter accounts, the Knicks have been fairly vanilla on the Twitter machine. But what they lack in “fire tweets,” they make up in entertainment potential:


The Knicks may not be contenders, but it’s not due to lack of  entertaining talent. Kristaps Porzingis is a 7 feet 3 inch phenom with a cult-like fan following. Carmelo Anthony is historically great scorer and one of the NBA’s most committed and visible social rights activists. Joakim Noah is a native New Yorker, avid s$#t talker, and one of top two-way players of the past decade. Derek Rose is a former MVP who has a chance to kickstart his career in a new city. While he likely won’t return to MVP form, he’s still a highlight waiting to happen.


Beyond the team, the Knicks may have the league’s most entertaining cast of characters. Spike Lee, Seinfeld creator Larry David, actor Michael Rappaport, and a slew of additional celebrities frequent games at the Garden. By leveraging the talent on the court and in the stands, the Knicks Twitter account should have no problem establishing entertainment value.


Why you should follow: Porzingis GIFs and video.

New Face In the Crowd | Memphis Grizzlies 

The Memphis Grizzlies recently announced the launch of an in-house media team Grind City Media. The team is made up of journalists, media insiders, and digital media pros, including social media specialist Amara Baptist. Together, Grind City Media will aim to provide deep and dynamic coverage of the small market Grizzlies on a global scale.


Scan Twitter and you’ll see the changes are already evident. The @memgrizz feed has transitioned from what Complex has called “head-scratching,” to a fluid display of insider access, highlights, and a some hilarious exchanges. Time will tell how the new team will impact the Grizz on social, but right now, the future looks bright in Grind City.


Why you should follow: Unmatched access and media quality.

Most Fearless | Sacramento Kings

The Kings on-court product has left much to be desired in recent years. Since drafting Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins, the franchise has famously ran through coaches, GMs, and point guards. While their roster doesn’t look to be vastly improved, that hasn’t stopped the Kings social media team from capturing the attention of NBA Twitter.


The social stars have pulled out all the stops in making the franchise enjoyable. Last season, as Complex noted, the team allowed a dog to run the account for a night ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ), invited an NBA Twitter star to create a video imitating team GM Vlade Divac, and pulled no punches in describing Boogie’s frequent acts of in-game dominance.


Throw in a spiffy rebrand and there’s a lot to look forward to in the 2016-17 season.


Why you should follow: Boogie GIFs and viral moments.

The No-Brainer | Golden State Warriors

This isn’t fair. The Dubs are blessed with basketball’s most loaded lineup (ever) AND the team plays on Silicon Valley’s doorstep. By adding Kevin Durant to an already historically great squad, the Warriors are, once again, the NBA’s hottest ticket and the prohibitive favorite to reclaim to title.


The cards have fallen in their favor, but that shouldn’t take away from the presence that Julie Phayer and co. have curated over the past few years. There may be nothing more fun that watching the Dubs go off on the court, but watching a 3-point flurry unfold on Twitter is a close second. The social team pairs an undeniably fitting voice with some of the league’s best — and fastest — in-game video work to reflect the fun and explosiveness of the Warriors.


Why you should follow: Steph. KD. Klay. Draymond. Iggy. If you like basketball, you like this account.

The Top Dog | Portland Trailblazers

While teams like the Warriors, Hawks, and Kings are great, Portland has topped Complex’s rankings for two years running. They leverage exciting playmakers like Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum with excellent graphics and video. But what really makes @trailblazers stand out to NBA Twitter is its next-level voice. The account is quick-witted and not afraid to get a little snarky. In the NBA Twitter world, the Trailblazers’ Twitter style is often imitated, but never duplicated.


Why you should follow: The NBA’s best mix and high-quality media and copy.

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