The NFC Championship’s Most Marketable Players

For the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks, judgment day is almost here. For both fan-bases, this game represents the success or failure of the 2014-15 season. Win, and move on to the Super Bowl. Lose, and leave the party early.

But this isn’t ESPN, and we’re not professional sports analysts. Instead, let’s talk about what we’re really good at: athlete endorsements. Specifically, athlete micro-endorsements, activated on Twitter and Instagram. The opendorse platform dissects every athlete’s social media statistics. This includes follower demographics, engagement rates, average impressions, and cost measurements such as cost per engagement (CPE) and cost per one thousand impressions (CPM), to name a few. The statistics are then paired with previous campaign performance to give data-driven marketers a look at how an endorsement can assist them in reaching specific goals.

Back to the fun stuff. Rather than giving our hot takes on Sunday’s game, we decided instead to provide our own expertise by analyzing the NFC Championship with the power of opendorse. Below, we take a look at three of the most marketable players from both teams and pit them against a counterpart with a brief analysis from our team.

Face-off: The NFC Championship’s Most Marketable Players


Here we have two of America’s endorsement sweethearts facing off against each other. From the Aaron Rodger’s Discount Double-check to Russell Wilson’s motivational American Family Insurance speeches, it has become tough to turn on a television without seeing these two. Unsurprisingly, both quarterbacks are among the most marketable players in the NFL and have the social media power to drive big results for brands.

While the players’ CPE and CPM are nearly identical, Rodgers reaches over 200,000 more users per message and can expect over 2,000 more engagements. Plus, he occasionally rocks a great mustache.

Edge: Aaron Rodgers

Want to see all the opendorse data on Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers? Get started here.


If Jordy Nelson vs. Marshawn Lynch seems like an unfair fight, that’s because it is. While each are marketable players in their own right, when measuring with opendorse’s social media statistics, Marshawn goes Beast Mode on Jordy. However, Jordy has participated in a successful opendorse campaign and Lynch has not.

Still, we’re too scared to not give Beast Mode the win on this one.

Edge: Marshawn Lynch


This is a tough draw for Matthews. Following the infamous Erin Andrews interview, Richard Sherman has become one of the NFL’s most marketable players, appearing in commercials promoting Beats by Dre and Nike to name a few. While Matthews is no endorsement slouch – think FatHead and Head and Shoulders – Sherman’s unmatched ability to find the spotlight leaves him in the dust.

With a larger, more actively engaged fan-base, we’re giving this one to the self-proclaimed best corner in the game, Richard Sherman.

Edge: Richard Sherman

While this breakdown is a fun comparison of some of the NFL’s most marketable players, it is not the definitive guide for who will be the most effective candidate for your campaign. That’s what the data is for! Endorser effectiveness varies by region, target audience demographics, and the product or service that the campaign is intended to market. Thankfully, with over 8,000 athletes, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your goals.

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