Draft Day: The Top Prospects on Social

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It’s Draft Day and football’s top prospects are ready to realize their dreams on the big stage. To prepare fans and followers for tonight’s festivities, we’re providing a final pre-draft analysis of the prospects who are driving the most value on social. Steady since our report from the NFL Combine, Kyler Murray continues to lead the way in total athlete-driven engagements. Measuring total audience size, Murray has gained ground, but is still behind the most-followed player in the draft, Will Grier. The biggest story on social in the leadup to the Draft has to be the explosion D.K. Metcalf’s brand. The former Ole Miss wideout’s audience has grown by 541.3%, with more than 300 thousand new followers since January 1. For perspective, the average prospect’s audience has grown at a 10.8% rate over the same time period.

Top NFL Draft prospects on social

Below is our analysis of the top 2019 NFL Draft prospects on social media. The ranking includes data for more than 400 draft-eligible athletes, measuring the activity, audience, engagement, and growth on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram from January 1, 2019 to Draft Day, April 24, 2019.

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Total Audience

Will Grier  — 824.2 thousand followers
Kyler Murray — 611.5 thousand followers
DK Metcalf — 377.1 thousand followers
Dwayne Haskins —328.4 thousand followers
Marquise Brown — 231.2 thousand followers

Total Engagements

Kyler Murray — 2 million engagements
Dwayne Haskins — 1.2 million engagements
Marquise Brown — 721.4 thousand engagements
Mack Wilson — 637.6 thousand engagements
Chauncey Gardner-Johnson — 470.1 engagements

Total Growth

DK Metcalf — 318.3 thousand followers
Kyler Murray — 216.3 thousand followers
Dwayne Haskins — 110.7 thousand followers
Devin White — 50.9 thousand followers
Josh Jacobs —25.8 thousand followers

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