NFLPA Collegiate Bowl: Who’s the Most Marketable?


On Monday, we looked at the Top 25 most marketable athletes in this weekend’s East-West Shrine game. Today, we look at the Top 20 in this weekend’s other bowl game, the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl.

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James Franklin1. James Franklin | QB | Missouri


Twitter Followers: 25,109




Keiro Small2. Kiero Small | RB | Arkansas


Twitter Followers: 12,592




Ciante Evans3. Ciante Evans | DC | Nebraska


Twitter Followers: 7,803




Dallas Lee4. Dallas Lee | OG | Georgia


Twitter Followers: 6,145




Kenarious Gates5. Kenarious Gates | OT | Georgia


Twitter Followers: 6,004




JC Copeland6. JC Copeland | TE | LSU


Twitter Followers: 5,889




Nate Askew7. Nate Askew | DE | Texas A&M


Twitter Followers: 4,931




AJ Highsmith8. AJ Highsmith | DB | Miami


Twitter Followers: 4,879




Eric Ward9. Eric Ward | WR | Texas Tech


Twitter Followers: 4,632




Mike Marry10. Mike Marry | LB | Mississippi


Twitter Followers: 4,511




Jimmy Legree11. Jimmy Legree | DC | South Carolina


Twitter Followers: 4,520




Deontae Skinner12. Deontae Skinner | LB  | Mississippi State


Twitter Followers: 4,322




Avery Williamson13. Avery Williamson | LB | Kentucky


Twitter Followers: 4,237




CJ Barnett14. CJ Barnett | DB | Ohio State


Twitter Followers: 4,121




Kadron Boone15. Kadron Boone | WR | LSU


Twitter Followers: 3,928




Jeremiah George16. Jeremiah George | LB | Iowa Sate


Twitter Followers: 3,362




Jabari Price17. Jabari Price | DC | North Carolina


Twitter Followers: 2,649




Jonotthan Harrison18. Jonotthan Harrison | OG | Florida


Twitter Followers: 2,576




Trey Hopkins19. Trey Hopkins | OG | Texas


Twitter Followers: 2,065




Chris Coyle20. Chris Coyle | TE | Arizona State


Twitter Followers: 1,452

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