Introducing Opendorse On Demand: A Q&A with CEO Blake Lawrence


Today, we’re excited to take athlete social media marketing to the next level with a mobile app and game-changing feature, Opendorse On Demand. These updates put more power in the hands of athletes and you the social media marketers, SIDs, and everyone who has embraced the athlete-driven media movement.

The on-demand mobile experience automates media sharing and enables teams and leagues to share and track collections of media with athletes and ambassadors as individuals and groups.

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Now you can help more athletes build their personal brands while driving measurable outcomes for your organization. What’s more you will save time and measure performance with in-depth engagement data every step of the way.

We sat down with Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence to understand how On Demand is set to help more athletes, more often.

1. Why release On Demand? How did Opendorse approach this?

When I finished my first practice at Nebraska, I hit the locker room, then went straight to the computer lab to see if any photos of me had been uploaded to Rivals or If they did, I would save them and share them to my Facebook page.

I was not alone in this — the computer lab was packed in ’07, with the whole team looking for photos of themselves online, when seniors would get their CD of photos, they’d often ask ‘if there were any more photos’ of them.

When we started Opendorse, Adi and I discussed that feeling of finding photos to save for future memories. We chatted about bringing that solution into the platform… but the more we thought about it, we believed there were great, free solutions on the market.

For more than 10 years, athletes have found ways to get access to content, to save them for later reflection. One way or another, athletes were going to find a way to get photos and videos to their phones.

We wanted to focus on helping athletes get media to their feeds.

You see…

Media on an athlete’s phone can reach an audience of one.

Media on an athlete’s feed can reach an audience of thousands, if not millions.

We poured our energy into helping athletes access media to share directly to their feed, creating marketing outcomes that will help them — and their partners — today.

But now, the athlete-driven movement has evolved. More and more teams and leagues see the value in bringing all of their athlete marketing efforts into one place. Instead of sharing libraries of media on one platform, and sharing and tracking content through Opendorse, what if they could have it all in one spot?

As a response to the market and the maturity of the modern athlete’s understanding of social, I am excited to announce the next evolution of our platform: Opendorse On Demand.


  • One place for athletes to…
    • Get access to media to publish on their own
    • Get access to marketers to help suggest content to help them grow
  • All while having one place for our partners to…
    • Share folders for athletes to pull from
    • Suggest content for athletes to publish instantly
    • Schedule messages for athletes to post in the future
    • Track the outcomes of every piece of media shared.

On Demand is an extension of the understanding that athletes aligned with marketers produce outcomes. Athletes aligned with media can produce activity. But if you combine athletes, marketers, and media — you can provide results for everybody.

2. What were SIDs and Social Media Managers saying they wanted most that they were not getting from their current tools?

Our partners and their athlete stakeholders look to Opendorse as their home for all athlete marketing efforts. As SIDS and social media managers started using Opendorse to suggest content or schedule posts for their athletes, they imagined a world where they could share media libraries with them as well.

We saw that simply sharing media wasn’t the problem. Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, texting, DMs, etc. are all viable options. But these do not allow marketers to know who is sharing their media, where it is being shared, and how it performs. In sports, this presents a massive problem, as media is among the most valuable assets an organization owns.

We chose to make sharing media libraries a reality, while maintaining the the control and tracking ability that our partners love.

Opendorse On Demand allows our partners to bring more of their athlete marketing solutions into one platform while providing the control, tracking, and insights that they’ve come to love with Opendorse.

3. What excites you most about On Demand?

Our vision is to help every athlete. We’ve done this by working our tails off to connect athletes with marketers who can help them get access to media, suggest messages that will resonate with their audience, and publish the right content in the right place, at right time.

Today, thousands of marketers and athletes use Opendorse to collaborate on social media campaigns — but not every athlete is getting help every single day.

On Demand helps us help more athletes more often, by providing an always-on solution for accessing media to share on their own.

  • Content owners can help more athletes, more often. They can save time and maximize the reach and effectiveness of their media.
  • Athletes can share more content more often. They can engage more fans, build their audiences, and develop real, lasting value with social media.
  • For everyone involved — there is less searching, less guessing, and more measurable outcomes for athletes and our partners.

4. What is the biggest advantage for a SID or social media manager?

I believe On Demand provides social media marketers and SIDs with the best of both worlds. The Opendorse that offers full control and outcome-achieving campaigns is still here. Social pros can still suggest content for athletes to publish instantly and schedule messages for athletes to post in the future.

On Demand brings more power to their athletes’ hands. Our partners can now share automated and personalized media folders with their athletes and ambassadors as individuals or groups and can track performance and outcomes for each piece of media.  

5. What should the athletes be most excited about?

Today’s athletes are born marketers. They understand the value of their name, image, and likeness, and the importance of building a personal brand from a young age. With social, they can turn media into marketing outcomes that provide monetary value when immediately or in the future. 

Content as a way to connect with an audience is a powerful thing. When athletes build that connection, they can market products and monetize that connection. And there’s a proven formula for this on social…

1. Media access.

2. Marketing with that media.

3. Monetizing the media.

On Demand will provide athletes at every level of play with the tools to build the value of their NIL, so that they’re ready to market and maximize that value when eligible.

6. How do you see On Demand changing the social media landscape?

More athletes will be sharing high-quality content more often. This will help fans engage with their favorite athletes more frequently. Today, the average athlete shares six posts per month on social. On Demand has the ability to push that number significantly higher.

If we can double the number of times an athlete shares quality content on social, we can transform the athlete-fan connection. 

If sports fans woke up tomorrow with more opportunities to connect with their favorite athletes, it would produce positive results for athletes, their organizations, and their communities. Providing athletes with access to that media and a chance to create more of those connections in one place that’s exciting for us. 

7. Where does Opendorse go from here? 

This generation of young athletes have grown up in an on-demand world. When they want something, they want it now, and they want it to be actionable.

For Opendorse, it’s about finding and hitting “post” as quickly as they can. It’s about aligning our product with the needs of today’s athlete. 

So, Opendorse and On Demand will evolve as quickly as the expectations of today’s athletes.  

Athletes at all levels of sports will have the media from the event that they just participated on their phone and ready to share by the time they hit the locker room.  

This is phase one of creating this relationship of on-demand media. The next phase is about Opendorse is about not only making media available on demand, but suggesting certain types of media to be shared at certain times automatically. 

Opendorse as a platform will be the marketing support athletes need. 

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