On the Bench: 6 Reasons Your Tweets are Getting Ignored and Ways to Fix It

6 Reasons Your Tweets are Getting Ignored and Ways to Fix It

Is your brand struggling to engage with its audience? Are you wondering if anyone is reading your content?

A lot of brands struggle to grab their audience’s attention and begin asking themselves these questions.

Luckily opendorse can help your brand find answers to these questions by connecting with your audience. In fact, it’s pretty much what we do (and do well if we may say so)!

Here are six reasons your tweets may be getting ignored and some solutions that will help your brand flip your audience’s switch from ignore to listen.

1. Creating content that has little or no value to the reader

Posting uninteresting content is one of the most surefire ways to get ignored on Twitter. Why would people pay attention to your content if it is uninteresting or has no value to them? Once people realize your content is worthless, they will ignore your tweets in the future.

The content you create needs to be relevant to the users your brand is targeting. It should be of some value to the reader. If not, people likely will not read your tweets because they will feel that it is not worth reading them.

On the other hand, when you make content that is of value to the reader they will engage with your content. Even more, they will tend to share it with others. Do this by knowing who your audience is and what triggers their emotions.

For example, Old Spice targets its audience through humor and entertainment, which is reflected throughout their tweets and videos.

2. Bombarding users with spam

There are a lot of brands who set up Twitter accounts and constantly badger followers with messages. This strategy can be annoying, irritating, counter-productive and lead people to ignore your content.

If you are a serial spammer, don’t expect people to follow your brand or buy your products or services.

Instead, try focusing on quality over quantity. Personalized messages that target your audience and reach them at their core prove to be more effective at engaging customers, ultimately  converting to sales. If you are struggling to create a great message, check us out! We help make it easier for your brand to create an effective endorsement strategy through the use of professional, influential athletes.

3. Failing to take or offer action

Your tweets should be actionable. They should encourage readers to engage with your brand. Try challenging your followers to participate in a brand sponsored event or competition. Participation like this is entertaining and a great way to grab your audience’s attention.

Furthermore, inserting a bitly link to a website offering a promotion, event, competition, etc. can track how many clicks readers make and how many times that call-to-action is being used. This allows you to track action and results.

4. Coming off as ‘salesy’

People do not use Twitter to be subjected to sales pitches. They tend to use Twitter to socialize, share their thoughts and gain information. Tweets that sound like blatant sales pitches tend to get quickly passed over.

That is why it is important to create content which does NOT sound like a sales pitch. Do this by having your endorser create authentic messages that allude to your brand. Have an endorser create a tweet that shares an experience or story involving your brand, which makes the content sound natural, instead of forced.

Take Russell Wilson for example. He sounds natural and believable when he made this endorsement tweet:

5. Failing to interact with your followers

Are you interacting with your followers? If you choose to ignore their messages and refuse to interact with your followers, why would they interact with you?

Take Netflix for example. They are great at using Twitter to interact with their customers in order to solve service issues. They even have a Twitter handle (@Netflixhelps) solely dedicated to providing customer support via Twitter.

The point of Twitter is to talk to people. People want to follow people who are going to talk with them. Twitter messages are not a one way conversation. They can and should ping-pong back between your brand and your followers. Retweeting your followers can also help your brand seem more personable.

It is important to establish open and accessible communication with your followers. Interact with your followers by responding to their messages in a timely manner. This will help create trust between your brand and your followers.

6. Following no one back

It is important to follow-back people who follow you.

It is not mandatory to follow everyone who follows your brand, but, if you have shared messages or had a conversation with someone who follows you and they realize you are not following them back, it can be insulting.

Show that you care about your followers opinions and messages; connect with them. Go grab your audience’s attention!

We have presented you with some reasons why your tweets may be getting ignored and offered some remedies for those issues.

Now is the time to get off the bench and sign-up for free with opendorse so your brand can start creating content that will capture your audience’s attention and use the right athlete influencer to help!

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