Overtime: How to Leverage Multiple Platforms to Maximize Social Media ROI

How to Leverage Multiple Platforms to Maximize Social Media ROI

Did you just create outstanding endorsement content? Awesome! Your followers are probably excited to see it.

But you may now be wondering if that content is going to fully maximize your social media endorsement content ROI. After all, what is the point of making all that great content if nobody is viewing it and you aren’t able to maximize your ROI?

That’s where leveraging multiple social media platforms comes into play. Here are three tactics your brand can use to fully leverage your social media platforms and maximize your social media ROI.

1. Use the right social media outlet in the best possible way

Social media is a great medium to promote any content you create. Whether you’ve created a video, blog post, picture, or eBook, you should probably be promoting it through social media.

Tapping into your social audience on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Instagram is a great idea. However, it is important to know the best way to use each social media outlet for the content you have created.

When using Twitter, it is important to make your tweets useful and informative; avoid posting mundane content. The frequency of tweets is important as well, so that you are able to keep fans engaged. Remember to include a hashtag or two when appropriate to gain further visibility. Also, try linking a photo to your tweet to further illustrate your endorsement.

For Facebook, take advantage of the visual space you have and include an engaging photo or video. Additionally, cross-promote your social media sites. Encourage Facebook fans to follow you on Twitter and vice versa.

For example, take a look at Blake Griffin flying through the air for his ‘Dunk Like Blake’ promotion with Red Bull.

Blake Griffin Tweet 1

This is an eye-catching endorsement. You may have noticed that this endorsement is from Blake’s Facebook page. Did you also see Blake cross-promotes this endorsement to #DunkLikeBlake on Twitter?

Blake Griffin Tweet 2

If your brand is looking to maximize social media ROI then you’ll want to make sure you use each social media platform in the best way.

2. Track your results

In order to calculate social media ROI, you need to know what traffic actually comes from your social media sites. You may be promoting offers across multiple outlets, but if you are not tracking the data it is hard to learn from your campaigns, and therefore difficult to plan future endorsement campaigns.

One way to measure social media ROI is to use a bitly link in tweets and Facebook posts. This allows you to track users that click on a link from your Twitter or Facebook pages. For example, NFL superstar Victor Cruz provided a bitly link and hashtags when endorsing Time Warner Cable (TWC) Sports Pass on his Twitter page. The bitly link allows TWC to track the number of clicks that come from Cruz’s Twitter endorsement, as well as measure the ROI from that endorsement tweet.

Victor Cruz Tweet 1

So, why is it so important to track and understand how social media is working for you?

You’ll want to be sure to track the traffic that comes from your social media sites so you can expand on what’s working and eliminate what isn’t. Doing this will enable you to maximize social media endorsement ROI.

As you attempt to track your social media activities, remember that the return on your investment may be further down the road and only evident if you commit to the social media ride.

As you track your social media ROI, remember that the more lucrative return on your investment may not present itself immediately. It may be further down the road and only evident if you are willing to commit to your social media endorsement strategy.

3. Put the ‘social’ in social media

The reason why it’s called “social” media in the first place is because it’s a venue where people go to interact. Some brands make the mistake of using social media platforms the same way they use their company website. They often think social media sites are simply just another place to present information about their brand. While this is true, a better way to think of social media sites is a place to interact and engage with your customers.

This is why it’s important for you to do more than just post links, articles and videos on your social media sites. You need to interact directly with your audience, as well. Do this by actively communicating with your audience. Use social media to answer their questions, participate in their discussions and ask questions of your own. This is what we mean by putting the “social” in social media. The reason social media is so effective is because of interaction. Lose that and you will lose the entire concept of social media endorsements.

Some of this input (answering questions, participating in discussions, etc.) can be tricky to measure in terms of output (i.e. ROI, revenue). But, this type of input is often what truly engages customers, wins them over and thus fully maximizes social media potential and ROI.

Are you ready to leverage your social media platforms?

Fully leveraging your social media platforms enable your brand to maximize the time, money and effort you put into creating all that outstanding content. In order to fully leverage your social media platforms you should:

  • Use the right social media outlet in the best possible way.

  • Track your results so you can capitalize on successful strategies and tweak or eliminate what isn’t working.

  • Do more than just post content. Interact and participate with your audience!

Ready to fully leverage your platforms? Now is the time to Sign up or login with opendorse to maximize your social media ROI with professional athlete endorsements!

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