NFL players produce big wins for sponsors on social

NFL Sponsors Winning With Social Media

Through two weeks of the 2017 NFL Playoffs, 87 NFL players have shared 110 sponsored tweets, mentioning 33 different brands. Compared to the 2016 playoffs, the number of sponsored tweets have decreased (150 in 2016), but the average engagement rate has nearly doubled from 0.56 percent in 2016 to 0.99 percent in 2017.

Tide continues to be the NFL’s most mentioned sponsor, receiving 20 mentions from players through their #OurColors campaign. Here are the top 5 most mentioned brands from the first two weeks of the 2017 NFL Playoffs:

brand sponsors nfl playoffs nfl players twitter endorsement tweet

NFL player tweets mentioning Tide have generated more than 56 thousand engagements, more than five times that of any other brand. New Era’s activation of Greg Olsen has generated 10.9 thousand retweets and likes, good for second. Here are the brands receiving the most engagements from NFL Player tweets:

brand sponsors nfl playoffs nfl players twitter endorsement tweet engagements

When brands activate the right athlete, at the right time, with the right content, they are able to generate a high engagement rate, earning the most bang for their buck. When Dallas Cowboys star Lucky Whitehead mentioned Lucky Charms before week two of the Playoffs, he generated 3.4 thousand engagements, good for a 6.05 percent engagement rate. Here are the brands receiving the highest engagement rate during the NFL Playoffs, maximizing the value of their investment:

brand sponsors nfl playoffs nfl players twitter endorsement tweet engagement rate

Big name NFL Players have been called on to push branded content during the NFL Playoffs. Carolina Panthers TE Greg Olsen and Miami Dolphins RB Jay Ajayi have both shared four sponsored tweets. Here are the most activated NFL Players and the brands they’ve mentioned:

Brands with highest engagement rate from NFL player tweets most activated activation

Antonio Brown has single handedly generated over 20 thousand engagements for brands during the NFL Playoffs. Here are the athletes responsible for the most brand engagements:

Brands with highest engagement rate from NFL player tweets engagements

Taylor Gabriel’s candid mention of EA Sports Madden NFL video game resulted in a 23.19 percent engagement rate, by far the highest engagement rate among brand mentions during the first two weeks of the NFL Playoffs.


1. Taylor Gabriel + Madden | 23.19 percent engagement rate

2. Tyrell Williams + Vizio | 7.41 percent engagement rate

3. Lucky Whitehead + Lucky Charms | 6.05 percent engagement rate

4. Terrance Williams + Tide | 5.07 percent engagement rate

5. Landon Collins + Tide | 4.87 percent engagement rate


Tide’s #OurColors content continues to be incredibly engaging. Antonio Brown’s Tide mention the day of the AFC Divisional Round matchup between the Steelers and the Chiefs generated 12.6 thousand engagements, providing a great example of the power of high quality content shared at the right time.


1. Antonio Brown + Tide | 12,621 engagements

2. Greg Olsen + New Era | 9,630 engagements

3. Terrance Williams + Tide | 9,340 engagements


4. Antonio Brown + Tide | 6,686 engagements

5. Jordy Nelson + Tide | 5,479 engagements


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