By the Numbers: The Super Bowl On Social Media


Super Bowl 50 pits the Denver Broncos, one of the NFL’s most traditionally popular teams, against the relative upstart Carolina Panthers. While Denver may have a more established fan base, the Panthers have been the 2015-16 season’s hottest team, behind a dominant defense and Cam Newton, the league’s runaway MVP favorite.

The opendorse team dug into the social media stats to find the Super Bowl’s most followed players on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Cam comes out as the most followed individual player, while Denver’s total player and team accounts narrowly outweigh Carolina’s.

As a whole, the players have a significantly larger following than the team accounts, staying true to the trend of athletes often having stronger social media influence than the teams and leagues that employ them.

The Super Bowl On Social Media

Super Bowl Social Media Influencers followers

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