#SB50 For Agencies: How To Secure Athletes For Your Campaign

Secure Athletes for endorsement social media

So, you’ve decided to secure athletes for a social media campaign during Super Bowl 50. First of all, good move. We support your decision.

Now that you have committed to reach thousands, potentially millions, of sports fans, it’s time to make it all happen. In this three-part guide, we will detail exactly how agencies and marketers can secure, organize, and activate athlete social media campaigns.

At this point, we are operating under the assumption that you have determined your campaign’s introductory steps including the budget, goals, and identifying the most effective athletes. We have a few additional resources for finding the “right” athletes here and here.

In this guide, you’ll learn the necessary steps to secure athletes for a Super Bowl endorsement campaign.

32 Days To Make It Happen

With just under five weeks to kickoff, it’s game time for agencies and their clients. While athletes probably won’t be heavily included in the development of your campaign strategy, having their involvement secured is the first step to peace of mind for you and your client. Nothing is more nerve-racking than creating great content, a seamless strategy, and waiting to the wire for an agent or their athlete client approve their inclusion.

So, how can you minimize stress and secure the preferred athletes now?

Option 1 | Do It Yourself

If you’re activating social media endorsements from only a few select athletes, your internal team may be able to handle this step. Experienced sports marketers can find great value in research outlets like Thuzio, MVPIndex, and The Celebrity DBI, which provide contact information and market research about thousands of professional athletes.

Cost = Time

The cost for using your internal team to secure athletes for a social media campaign will be measured primarily in time spent. Unfortunately, the hours spent on securing athletes tend to add up. Athletes are on the move and receive undesirable offers all the time. It can be difficult to cut through the noise. Like their clients, agents are also busy, and getting to the right contact may take more than a few phone calls. Many professional athletes have multiple managers, agents, and handlers, often acting as gatekeepers for their client.

The Pitch

Once you’re in contact with the agent or athlete, you need to sell them on why they should work with your brand. Oftentimes, the payment is reason enough. If your preferred athlete’s quote exceeds your budget, you’re left with a few options to garner their involvement. You might consider:

– Offering free product or additional incentives
– Providing exceptional content
– Aligning the campaign with a good cause
– Proving how the athlete will benefit from involvement

The Agreement

The contract and agreement process, again, takes time. The athletes and agents may have stipulations. Your client or brand may have specific standards. In general, there is the potential for significant back-and-forth. Finally, once the agreements are signed — you’re good to go! (Kind of. But we’ll get to that in Part Two).

Option 2 | Secure Athletes With opendorse

With opendorse you get speed, peace of mind, and save precious man-hours. Since 2012, we have secured the involvement of more than one thousand athletes for social media endorsement campaigns. Our talent team has worked to create relationships with the top sports talent agencies in the United States, resulting in fast access and trust from thousands athletes and their agents.

Do you need opendorse to secure endorsement from one or two athletes? Probably not, if you have a capable team with time to spare. But if you’re in a crunch, or need to secure ten, twenty, or one hundred athletes for a given campaign, opendorse is the most effective solution.

What agencies and marketers receive when securing athletes with opendorse:


Our relationships and reputation within the sports marketing industry allow us to provide quick turnaround when pitching campaign involvement from credible brands and agencies.

Peace of Mind

You provide the campaign plan and parameters, then hand us the keys. Our team handles the entire process of securing the athletes — from pitching the campaign, to finalizing agreements.

White Glove Service

We’re hear to meet the needs of you, your client, the talent, and the campaign. We manage all the moving parts to ensure that the deal is secured to meet the needs of both parties.

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