Sponsors Battle Inside the Octagon

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Lyoto Machida is hoping to change that by defeating defending champion Chris Weidman and taking home the UFC 175 Middleweight Championship on July 5th in Las Vegas. Will there be any fireworks left for this to happen? Not only will the two of them go head to head inside of the octagon, but their sponsors will also challenge each other for TV time and exposure. We dove into each of the competitors’ sponsors for this highly anticipated fight.


Chris Weidman | Bad Boy

Weidman has beaten Anderson Silva twice to keep the Middleweight Champion title. He holds an 11-0-0 record coming into the fight with Machida. Walking into the octagon, Weidman will be wearing Bad Boy shorts. With nearly 231,000 Twitter followers and keeping the title belt, he remains an influential figure to represent Bad Boy. Bad Boy represents 32 athletes not only in MMA but also surfing, motocross, skateboarding, and other athletes including Dallas Cowboys running back, DeMarco Murray. Bad Boy wins the Twitter battle with more than 26,300 followers compared to Venum’s 17,600.


Lyoto Machida | Venum Fight Company

With a record of 21-4-0, Machida hopes to secure his 22nd victory by taking home the title of Middleweight Champion. He is one of the top fighters to represent the Venum brand. Venum is the No.1 MMA and Combat Sports brand and the official sponsor of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. By representing 68 fighters, they win the battle of most number of athletes representing their brand. Four of their top fighters each have a minimum of 380,000 Twitter followers, including Machida’s 478,000 followers, that expose the Venum brand through social media.


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