Squad Roles: How Abbie Giffin Pushes the Product Forward


Opendorse is no stranger to change. In 2019, the company launched a ground-up re-write of its product, providing features and technology tailormade for its users. At the center of the ever-evolving technology is Abbie Giffin, Head of Product. From intern to graphic designer, to now leading the Product Team; Abbie has seen nearly every phase of Opendorse. In today’s #SquadRoles, she breaks down her path, role, and what has her fired up for the future.

We’re now able to innovate, integrate, and build at scale, allowing Opendorse to provide our users with the solutions they want and need.

Please share your current position.

Head of Product at Opendorse.

How long have you been at Opendorse?

I’ve been with Opendorse for five years, with two of those being a part of our Product Team.

Describe your journey to Opendorse.

I studied Advertising, PR, Graphic Design and Sociology at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where I was introduced to Opendorse through student word-of-mouth. I was looking for my first Graphic Design role when Opendorse Tweeted that they were hiring. I started as Opendorse’s first Graphic Designer — A role that allowed me to evolve our brand and create materials for our first sales and marketing members.

Describe the evolution of Opendorse, the software.

When Opendorse launched the legacy version of our product, many marketing leaders and athletes didn’t fully comprehend the power of social media. In 2017 we saw a shift in that trend that demanded a ground-up rewrite of our product. The goal was to deliver a more autonomous and scalable solution for every Opendorse user.

We worked hand-in-hand with athletes and partners to understand exactly what the features the market needed. We got a lot of great answers — but we also learned that our users’ needs are consistently evolving. So, we built a flexible system architecture with user experiences that help our partners interact with athletes effectively, while the athlete retains full control of their social channels.

We’re now able to innovate, integrate, and build at scale, allowing Opendorse to provide our users with the solutions they want and need.

What was the biggest challenge of launching a brand new platform?

The biggest challenge of launching the new version of the platform was anticipating future industry trends and designing a dynamic user relationship architecture that could support scale and many use cases.

Looking ahead, what are you most excited about when it comes to Opendorse?

The opportunity to build this category with an extremely passionate team and create solutions that are changing the way an industry connects with fans.

How has partner feedback aided you and your team in prioritizing the product roadmap?

Partner feedback fuels and influences everything we build. It is hugely important to my team that what we’re building solves real problems for our users.

What do you look for when adding members to the product team?

A genuine ‘why’ for what they do each day and a desire to be a part of a team that’s building something big.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Watching the ideas in my head become a reality and seeing those features generate true value for our users.

What is the thing that gets you excited about work every day?

The opportunity to use creative problem solving and design to build solutions that make user’s lives easier.

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