The 5 Best Super Bowl Commercials Featuring Athletes


The Big Game is great, but the commercials are the the talk of the town the next day. Here are the five best ever Super Bowl commercials featuring an athlete.

5. Deion Sanders – NFL Network
“Leon Sandcastle” showed how one player can spark a buzz and can get the entire nation talking. The commercial shows how football is deeply embedded in many American’s lives and how it brings people from different walks of life together. Add in some humor and you’ve got an instant classic.

4. Michael Jordan – Gatorade

At age 39, Jordan takes on the 23 year old version of himself in this Gatorade commercial from Super Bowl XXXVII. Good thing MJ has his Gatorade because college Jordan wants the next shot.


3. Larry Bird & Michael Jordan – McDonald’s

We’re still not sure who ended up winning the Big Mac and fries. This classic Super Bowl XXVII commercial inspired LeBron James & Dwight Howard to create their own version for Super Bowl XLIV.

2. Derrick Coleman – Duracell

This commercial debuted in January of 2014, but it is expected to be broadcast during this year’s Super Bowl as well. Coleman’s perseverance is captured in this commercial as he became the first legally deaf offensive player to play in the NFL. The commercial is simply a great fit between an athlete and a product; one which will inspire viewers and will not be forgotten.

1. “Mean Joe” Greene – Coca-Cola

Technically this commercial aired during the 1979 MLB Playoffs, but it was such a huge hit that Coca-Cola aired it again during Super Bowl XIV in which Green’s Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Los Angeles Rams. The commercial, which won both a Clio Award and a Cannes Gold Lion, reshaped Greene’s public persona and expanded his fan base. “I was suddenly approachable,” Greene recalled. “Little kids were no longer afraid of me and older people, both women and men, would come up and offer me a Coke,” added Greene. In 2009 Greene was finally presented a Clio Award for his participation in the commercial and in that same year, Coke Zero reprised the advertisement featuring current Steelers safety, Troy Polamalu.

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