The Athlete Endorsement Marketplace: Re-Designed

Ask and you shall receive! We have re-imagined the opendorse marketplace experience based on amazing feedback from our brand users. We have brought all of the valuable data on each influencer to the forefront, so users can make better decisions, faster. The look and feel of the marketplace has changed as well, allowing marketers to feel closer to athletes than ever before.

Here is a quick overview of the new opendorse marketplace:


Marketplace Home

New Marketplace Home

1. Expanded Search Capabilities

Search by state, college, or affiliation to see which athletes have the strongest influence in your target market.

Have a specific athlete in mind? Do a quick search and dive into the details. If we don’t have ‘em, make a request, and we’ll make it happen.


2. Quick Filters

What’s new? New athletes join the marketplace everyday, so check back often to pitch influencers before your competitors get the chance.

Ready to go viral? Hit the trending filter to capitalize on the growing digital influence of opendorse athletes.

On a budget? You’d be surprised how many big-time athletes are ready to endorse your brand for under a $100. Hit the under $100 filter to get a taste.


3. Athlete Previews

An athlete’s profile picture provides plenty of insight into their personality. Get to know each athlete and their baseline stats before diving deeper (or add ‘em to your cart right away, whatever works!).

Marketplace Results

New Marketplace Results

1. Filter, find, repeat

Basic search terms gets the process started, but the fun begins when you dive into the advanced filters.


2. Ballin’ on a budget

Everyone’s got a budget, right? Easily filter the marketplace to find the most cost-effective athlete for your campaign.


3. What’s your game?

Selling to a specific audience? Select the sport (or sports) your fans are most engaged with, and we’ll show you the athlete that’ll help you reach ‘em.


4. Re-sort and research

We love this, and you will too. Filter all athletes to find the most cost effective, highest reaching, most engaging influencer for your campaign.


5. More results in one place

What’s the big picture? Search results are displayed in list-form, so you can diagnose more data on one page.


6. Star power

Not all influencers are created equally. Athletes are categorized in tier groups, based on their overall influence, marketing value, and price.


7. Expand and explore

Want to learn more about an athlete without leaving the search screen? Click to see quick data on the influencer, view their full profile, or add to your cart.


Want to see the real thing? Login to your opendorse account, or sign up as a brand (it’s free!).

What else goes on behind our doors? Check out our Kick-ass Athlete Profiles.

As always, we’d love to hear feedback on your experience with opendorse. Any search filters you’d like to see? Any recommended design changes? Let us know.

-opendorse team


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