The State of Sports Sponsorship 2014 | Infographic

The State of Sports Sponsorship 2014 | Infographic

The sports sponsorship industry continues to increase, not only in dollars, but different marketing mediums each year. We’ve compiled the most recent stats, so you can stay on top of the industry as it changes.

You will find the answers to the following questions:

1. How much money is projected to be spent in the sports sponsorship industry in 2014? What about by 2017?

2. How large is the reach of leagues, teams and athletes online and what is the power behind those numbers?

3. What are potential consumers feelings regarding marketing messages or sponsored tweets?

4. How likely are fans likely to recommend a sponsor’s brand when hearing through different marketing mediums?

5. What is the most cost and highly effective combination of asset (team, league, athlete) and avenue (social media, events, TV/radio, in-venue)?

The State of Sports Marketing 2014 | Infographic

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