Top 10 Strangest Athlete Endorsements of All Time

Odd Athlete Endorsements

Brands employ athlete endorsements in order to increase brand awareness, sales and ultimately profits. However, endorsements need to make sense. Today’s consumers are savvy, which requires athletes to be authentic and believable in order for endorsements to connect with consumers.

Endorsements can go wrong for a variety of reasons and inadvertently become laughable and counterproductive. Let’s take a look at some of the strangest athlete endorsements that left us asking, “What were they thinking?”

10. Dustin Pedroia – Sullivan Tire & Auto Service

Why exactly is Pedroia spending his time on camera trying to figure out a math question in this endorsement for tires and auto service?

9. Emmitt Smith – Just for Men

Emmitt is one of the greatest running backs ever, but his acting, “Oh, it’s bad.” Plus, Smith was still in his 30’s when this anti-gray commercial was shot.

8. Muhammad Ali – d-CON
During the 70’s Ali was everywhere. However, it just doesn’t seem believable the heavyweight champ would be battling roaches.

7. Ron Cey, Darryl Dawkins & Ed White – Wheaties

The jingle is undeniably 80’s and does anyone actually use the word “eaties”?

6. Pete Rose – Aqua Velva

Seems unlikely ball players will ever break out in song during the middle of a game or discuss after shave after stealing second base. Plus, after looking at Rose’s haircut, who would take grooming advice from him?


5. Mike Ditka, Jim McMahon, William “Refrigerator” Perry & Dennis Rodman – Silestone

So, exactly who or what is Diana Pearl? Diana Pearl is a color offered by Silestone in case you are not able to figure out who this group of Chicago legends keeps referring to themselves as.

4. Drew Brees – Pepsi

It is difficult to be authentic and real when doing a spot with a boy band. Brees’ singing only makes matters worse.

3. Rafael Palmeiro – Viagra

Rafael Palmeiro
In Palmeiro’s defense, we all know the effects steroids can have on males…

2. Charles Barkley – Weight Watchers

Sir Charles is odd, unfiltered and unpredictable, which is exactly what we love about him. But this commercial was a little too far out there. Things only got more strange when Charles was caught calling Weight Watchers a bigger scam than getting paid to watch sports.

1. Joe Namath – Beautymist Pantyhose

If Namath doesn’t wear pantyhose, then why is he endorsing them? Best to leave that to the ladies, Joe.

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