Top 25 Most Influential Adidas Sponsored Athletes on Social

Adidas sponsored athletes

At this point, almost everyone on the planet knows what the ‘three-stripe life’ is all about. And that’s thanks in large part to the incredible visibility Adidas has across the world in almost every sport and league. It’s less about any specific campaign when it comes to Adidas, and more about the athletes the company endorses and the leagues the brand sponsors. Apparel collections like the Nemeziz, which features Leo Messi, or the James Harden Collection, take some of the best athletes in the world and use their incredible reach in order to sell more merchandise. And it shouldn’t shock anyone, given the company’s exposure in soccer leagues across the world, that many of the top Adidas athletes play the Beautiful Game. Here’s a look at the top Adidas athletes, in order of their Social Media reach:

Twitter: 2.9 million
Facebook: 90.1 million
Instagram: 142 million

The best soccer player in the world is rightly at the top of this list with more than double the next closest Adidas athlete in terms of social media reach. How great is the relationship with Adidas? His Twitter account is run by … Adidas. Messi has a permanent lifetime deal with the company that will likely make him more than $12 million a year.

Twitter: 18.5 million
Facebook: 31.7 million
Instagram: 44.9 million

While Rodríguez appeared in Adidas advertisements before his big breakthrough at the 2014 World Cup, that’s when business really picked up. After winning the Golden Boot award for scoring the most goals in the tournament, Adidas took advantage by creating his own custom gold boots.

Twitter: 18.2 million
Facebook: 27.8 million
Instagram: 42.9 million

Bale has been a long-time Adidas athlete, helping the company launch multiple products throughout their relationship. In 2014, Bale was the first player to wear the Adidas F50 crazylight football boots, while in 2015 he unveiled the Adidas X15 line.

Twitter: 24.7 million
Facebook: 30.7 million
Instagram: 21.7 million

The Adidas relationship for Özil goes back to 2013 when he signed with Arsenal, and he’s been featured in the company’s ads for the Predator boots. 

Twitter: 11.8 million
Facebook: 19.7 million
Instagram: 43.8 million

Marcelo is one of the many Real Madrid superstars who signed Adidas deals – it helps that the team itself signed a $1.2 billion partnership.

Twitter: 10.6 million
Facebook: 22.4 million
Instagram: 32.5 million

Another Real Madrid player with an Adidas contract, Benzema has a contract to wear the company’s boots each La Liga season.

Twitter: 11.3 million
Facebook: 12.6 million
Instagram: 36.5 million

Salah was one of the faces for Adidas leading up to and during the 2018 World Cup. He appeared in the specially-made World Cup commercial with David Beckham and other Adidas icons.

Twitter: 7.2 million
Facebook: 9.9 million
Instagram: 39.3 million

Pogba is in the middle of a long-term 10-year contract with Adidas, which saw Pogba join Salah and others in the company’s aforementioned 2018 World Cup commercial. He auctioned his 2018 World Cup-winning, Adidas cleats for more than $30,000, donating the funds to disadvantaged high school students.

Twitter: 45.4 million
Facebook: 7.4 million
Instagram: 36.1 million

Dybala was a huge signing for Adidas back in 2018, signaling the company was able to tap into the newest soccer stars. It was perfect timing, as he was able to showcase the latest Yeezys almost right away on his social media channels.

Twitter: 8 million
Facebook: 12.3 million
Instagram: 23.4 million

While most footballers on this list can be seen wearing the newest Adidas boots every season, you won’t find Kroos participating. He’s worn the same Adidas cleats since 2013 – Adidas 11pro boots.

Twitter: 4 million
Facebook: 10.7 million
Instagram: 10 million

Thanks to its partnership with Bayern Munich, Neuer is one of the many on the roster to also have a contract with Adidas.

Twitter: 4.2 million
Facebook: 8.9 million
Instagram: 7.2 million

As one of the faces of the German National Team and Bayern Munich, Müller has been a natural fit with Adidas for one of his major sponsorships.

Twitter: No account
Facebook: 1.2 million
Instagram: 12.7 million

Firmino was featured in Adidas advertisements in 2019, as one of the faces for the Nemeziz product line.

Twitter: 1.9 million
Facebook: 3.1 million
Instagram: 7.2 million

At the time in 2014, Lillard inked one of the richest endorsement deals in the NBA – a 10-year deal worth more than $100 million. He’s been featured in Adidas basketball commercials, including the “Free to Create” ad in 2019, featuring the new Dame 6 shoe.

Twitter: 6.6 million
Facebook: 2.4 million
Instagram: No account

Harden makes this list even after recently deleting his Instagram account. In 2017, he signed a four-year extension worth $171 million; it runs through 2022-23 and will pay $47 million in its final year. Adidas made Harden one of the faces of its NBA campaign after signing him to a 13-year deal in 2015 that can be worth as much as $200 million.

Twitter: 934,000
Facebook: 681,000
Instagram: 6.9 million

One of the brightest English stars, Dele signed a contract with Adidas back in 2016 and has been featured in advertisements, including their “Never Follow” campaign.

Twitter: 4.4 million
Facebook: 1.2 million
Instagram: 1.3 million

Rodgers is one of the NFL’s most recognizable players, and Adidas signed the former MVP back in 2015 to be the face of the company’s football apparel marketing efforts. Rodgers has been featured in Adidas commercials, “Sport Needs Creators,” which featured most of the company’s highly-prominent American athletes.

Twitter: 1 million
Facebook: 252,000
Instagram: 3.2 million

How about the foresight to sign the league’s best player and Super Bowl LIV champion before he was even a starting quarterback? That’s what Adidas did and he was even featured in the company’s 2020 Super Bowl ad, along with his hometown of Whitehouse, Texas.

Twitter: 1 million
Facebook: 193,000
Instagram: 3.1 million

The young Steelers star has marketed himself brilliantly. In 2019, he bought out an entire Adidas store for random people to take the merchandise home and has done Adidas cross-over marketing with e-sports legend Ninja as well as the sneaker store Finish Line.

Twitter: 1.2 million
Facebook: 477,000
Instagram: 1.9 million

Adidas used social media well in order to announce the Prescott partnership back in 2016. A back and forth with former Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen and the company, then got Dak involved where he celebrated the custom Hail State sneakers, honoring his alma mater.

Twitter: 2.1 million
Facebook: 844,000
Instagram: 544,000

He was a rising star back in 2013 and Adidas pounced on the Offensive Rookie of the Year. Throughout his career, RGIII has featured the company’s merchandise on his social media channels – including the All In For Week 1 ‘present’ he received back in ‘13.

Twitter: 1.1 million
Facebook: 1.2 million
Instagram: 585,000

Peterson switched from Nike over to Adidas back in 2015, and has been featured in some marketing by the company, but not as much as some of the other NFL stars on the Adidas roster.

Twitter: 455,000
Facebook: 319,000
Instagram: 1.8 million

Miller has been featured by Adidas for years, but none more high-profile than being labeled an Adidas Icon back in 2018. He’s also done Adidas marketing work with Champs Sports.

Twitter: 747,000
Facebook: 200,000
Instagram: 1 million

Hey, look! A baseball player made the list. Bryant is the face of Adidas Baseball after signing a decade-long deal after winning the World Series with the Cubs back in 2016.

Twitter: 464,000
Facebook: 133,000
Instagram: 1.1 million

Hopkins inked a deal with Adidas back in 2015 and became the face of #TeamAdidas and its #Cleathead culture. In his biggest ad with the company, Hopkins joined fellow Houston star Carlos Correa in a positivity-themed commercial.

These Adidas athletes are some of the biggest faces in each of their leagues – especially those on the football pitch across Europe. These top athletes combine to reach nearly 1 Billion people on social media – 963.7 Million – to be exact. And when you’re battling the Nike stripe across the world, it’s these relationships that help Adidas make sure the #ThreeStripeLife is also one of the most recognizable brands in all of sports across the world.

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