Top 25 Most Influential Under Armour Sponsored Athletes on Social

Under Armour Sponsored Athletes

One of the most effective ways for brands to align their interests with consumers near and far is by sponsoring and endorsing the most beloved athletes in the world—and Under Armour has certainly done just that. For years, the sports apparel and equipment giant has been spending some serious cash to strike deals with world-class athletes like Steph Curry, Tom Brady, and Michael Phelps—just to name a few.

Curious to see which other influential athletes are sponsored by the brand? Let’s take a look.  This list of Under Armour athletes is ranked by not only their social following on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, but also their engagement, audience reach, and posting power. 

Twitter: 33,100
Facebook: 29,780
Instagram: 167,000

The two-time Olympic gold-medalist sprinter is sponsored by Under Armour and starred in the brand’s “Will Finds a Way” campaign.

Twitter: 368,100
Facebook: 513,800
Instagram: 221,000

Under Armour signed the Canadians goalie to a multi-year deal in 2011 which entailed him appearing in print and broadcast advertising along with in-store promotions for the brand.

Twitter: 12,600
Facebook: 19,580
Instagram: 57,700

The snowboarding sensation who happens to be one of the most decorated women’s snowboarders of all time is sponsored by Under Armour.

Twitter: 33,400
Facebook: 64,560
Instagram: 861,000

The 7′ 10” Orlando Magic center signed a multi-year endorsement and shoe deal with Under Armour in 2018.  As part of his deal with Under Armour Bamba has committed to use his platform to give back to his local community of Harlem.

Twitter: 556,300
Facebook: 92,500
Instagram: 520,000

The Green Bay Packers receiver is endorsed by Under Armour and starred in the brand’s “Evolved” ad.  While often overshadowed by bigger names like Tom Brady and Cam Newton, Cobb’s presence with Under Armour has resonated with the public.

Twitter: 1.1 million
Facebook: 616,850
Instagram: 850,000

The Super Bowl 50 champion was one of the first football players to be tapped to launch the brand’s performance footwear back in 2006 and starred in the ads for The New Prototype.

19. Jermaine Junior Jones | MLS

Twitter: 303,000
Facebook: 73,500
Instagram: 156,000

After his powerful performance in the 2014 World Cup, Jones signed a deal with Under Armour and became one of the faces of the brand’s “Earn Your Armour” campaign.

Twitter: 239,500
Facebook: 113,500
Instagram: 2.1 million

The protégé of Floyd Mayweather signed a deal with Under Armour to appear in marketing campaigns and create a line of shirts fit for boxing fans.

Twitter: 294,500
Facebook: 147,100
Instagram: 1.9 million

Following in the footsteps of his brother, Seth Curry joined forces with Under Armour to create his own shoe—the Curry 6 PE.

Twitter: 1.4 million
Facebook: 2.8 million
Instagram: 8.8 million

In sport largely dominated by Adidas athletes, Depay signed an endorsement deal with Under Armour which requires him to wear the brand’s soccer boots, apparel, and equipment.

Twitter: 92,700
Facebook: 70,808
Instagram: 440,000

Under Armour and Marshall helped the sports world and mental health advocacy come together with a line of Under Armour products that were launched by Marshall’s non-profit, Project375. This project saw 100% of the profits fund an online mental health community that helps reduce the stigma often associated with mental health.

Twitter: 1.1 million
Facebook:1.9 million
Instagram: 4.1 million

Cam Newton was reportedly the highest paid rookie NFL Under Armour athlete after inking a 2011 deal that’ was in excess of $1 million per year. To this day remains a fixture face of the Under Armour brand.

Twitter: 546,000
Facebook: 541,100
Instagram: 1.1 million

Julio Jones had a multi-year partnership with Under Armour which required him to wear the brand’s apparel and debut the E39 compression shirt—which measures an athlete’s speed, g-force, horsepower, heart rate, and breathing rate.

Twitter: 320,700
Facebook: 435,821
Instagram: 257,000

In 2010, Anquan Boldin and Under Armour announced a multi-year partnership which requires the athlete to wear the brand’s cleat and apparel and appear in advertising campaigns.  Since his retirement from the NFL Boldin has gotten heavily invested in social causes,  

Twitter: 165,000
Facebook: 29,000
Instagram: 697,000

Under Armour continues to deepen their ties with their sponsorship of Cody Bellinger who was one of the first MLB players to be seen wearing the brand’s Deception cleats.  While many larger brands have not invested heavily in baseball players, Under Armour has doubled down in their presence in Major League Baseball.

Twitter: 508,300
Facebook: 562,300
Instagram: 356,000

In attempt to cover all its bases, Under Armour renewed their partnership with the catcher with requires him to sport the brand’s gear on the field and in training. He also serves as the face of Under Armour’s exclusive baseball collection at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Twitter: 239,000
Facebook: 232,430
Instagram: 218,000

Another U.S. Women’s soccer champion, Lauren Holiday, signed an endorsement deal with Under Armour and only laced up in the brand’s Clutchfit cleats.

Twitter: 618,700
Facebook: 103,300
Instagram: 854,000

U.S. Women’s soccer champion, Kelley O’hara, is one of the faces of Under Armour’s “Rush” line which uses infrared technology to conserve the energy of athletes.

Twitter: 1 million
Facebook: 84. million
Instagram: 2 million

Arguably one of the most recognizable faces of snow sports, World Champion Alpine Ski Racer, Lindsey Vonn partnered with Under Armour to create an resort collection of outdoor performance fit for skiers of all levels. 

Twitter: 127,600
Facebook: 562,000
Instagram: 1.8 million

As one of Under Armour’s top athletes, you won’t find Misty Copeland on ESPN, or even the sports page in most papers.  Copeland’s position as one of the greatest ballerinas to ever grace the stage has earned her a dedicated and engaged social following and the attention of big brands like Under Armour.  

Twitter: 2 million
Facebook: 844,000
Instagram: 544,000

In 2015, Jordan Spieth signed a 10-year deal with Under Armour to create a line of shirts, hats, and shoes in the golf space.

Twitter: 959,700
Facebook: 4.4 million
Instagram: 7.2 million

Tom Brady defected from his Nike deal to join forces with Under Armour in 2010 to wear the brand’s apparel and create his own line.  His endorsement deal with Under Armour reportedly was paid to him mostly in company stock, which risen over 400% since 2010.

Twitter: 1 million
Facebook: 406,700
Instagram: 1.7 million

Does Bryce Harper have his own cleat line with Under Armour? Of course he does—that’s a clown question, bro. But he is also celebrating a recent release with the brand that is bit more versatile—the Harper 4 trainer.

Twitter: 2.1 million
Facebook: 8.4 million
Instagram: 3.4 million

Michael Phelps is featured in the iconic “Rule Yourself” campaign which happens to be one of the most shared Olympic ads in history.

1. Steph Curry | NBA

Twitter: 14 million
Facebook: 8.4 million
Instagram: 29.1 million

Steph Curry is widely known as the “face of Under Armour’s footwear line” and currently has a successful shoe line with the brand known as the Curry 7 Collection. On top of that, he and Kelley O’Hara serve as the faces of the company’s new “Rush” line which utilizes infrared technology to conserve athlete’s energy.

These Under Armour athletes are some of the biggest faces in each of their sports and command a sizable following across all social media channels driving engagement across a massive chunk of the population. 

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