USC Helps Hundreds of Athletes Publish Posts

USC social media athlete driven

USC Athletics kicked off 2019 with a strategy to reach more fans and help athletes — current students and alumni — build their brands on social media.

The Trojans social team committed to athlete-driven content, sending highlights, graphics, and high-quality images for athletes to publish to their personal social channels with the click of a button.

+ 100+ athletes
+ 200+ published posts
+ 2 million impressions
+ 300 thousand engagements

The athletes win with access to team content tailor-made to engage fans and build their personal audiences. Simultaneously, USC is able to broadcast its brand through its most influential ambassadors — current athletes and notable alumni.

“We’re sitting on a treasure trove of content that’s more valuable to USC, our student-athletes, and alumni on social media than stored in our archive,” said Jordan Moore, USC Director of Social Media. “We’re trying to empower our greatest influencers to spread positive feelings about their time in this program.”

The Trojans wasted no time getting started. The program has shared content with more than 100 athletes connected to its football, basketball and baseball programs in 2019. Over 200 athlete-driven posts have been published, earning more than 2 million impressions and 300 thousand engagements to date.


One campaign has surpassed even the highest expectations. Each Tuesday, USC sends notable alumni throwback images from their time as Trojans using the #TrojanTuesday hashtag.

The campaign has sparked an organic movement among alumni. Multiple players who were not initially sent content from USC have noticed teammates sharing their #TrojanTuesday throwbacks and posted on their own.

Just a few months in, USC’s athlete-driven movement shows no signs of slowing down. By helping athletes and alumni across its athletic ecosystem, the Trojans are primed to build upon what is already one of the strongest brands in college sports.

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