What We’re Looking Forward to at the 2014 Intersport Activation Summit

Our team is excited to be heading out to San Francisco for this year’s Intersport Activation Summit. We’re a group of go-getters who are part of the disruption of the sports sponsorship industry and we’re looking forward to sharing our story. Learning from veterans in the industry is something we thrive on, so this conference couldn’t have come at a better time. If you see us, come introduce yourself – we’d love the opportunity to connect!

To join us on our journey at the conference, be sure to follow the official hashtag, #SBJACT. Our team will also be live tweeting throughout, as well as having a few of our athlete friends participating in a “find the opendorse team” campaign.

opendorse team members who will be at the conference:


Here are four sessions we are looking forward to engaging with while in San Francisco:

Bringing Fans Closer to the Game Through Customized Game-Day Experiences

Thursday, May 29th

If you’re anything like the opendorse team, it’s hard to stay locked-in and sit still during an entire sporting event. You bug your neighbor, check your social media accounts 5 to 10 times and get up maybe once or three times to grab a beer. Our team is looking forward to learning how brands are integrating creative and innovative ways to engage fans during the game. We’ll be hearing from Michele Carr of American Express (@AmericanExpress), Ryan Luckey (@rluckey) of  AT&T (@ATT), Jeremy Ragonese (@JeremyRagonese) of Boulevard Brewing Co. (@Boulevard_Beer) and many more on how they’re planning on fostering deeper connections with fans during game days while building stronger brand loyalty long after the last down/out/minute is played.


Visa, Sochi and Brazil: Activation Lessons Learned and Applied

Thursday, May 29th

Visa is a perfect example of a brand that “gets it” when it comes to activating athletes around sporting events and taking their sponsorships to the next level. Our team is excited to hear from Andrew Cohen (@sportingAC), Head of Global Olympic Sponsorship Marketing at Visa (@Visa), on his insight to the success and what they learned from the “everywhere you want to be” campaign during the 2014 Sochi Olympics. We’re also pumped to hear from Ricardo Fort (@SportByFort), Senior Vice President, Global Sponsorship Marketing at Visa about the innovative ideas Visa has for the World Cup in Brazil (@2014WC_Brazil).


Spotlight NASCAR and HP: Driving Innovation and Technology

Friday, May 30th

We all know that NASCAR (@NASCAR) is the king of brand marketing. Everywhere you look, whether you’re at the track or watching the big race on TV, fans are constantly exposed to marketing messages. Our team is excited to hear Tony Erickson (@Erickson_Tony), VP of Media and Entertainment at HP (@HP), talk about the innovative solutions his team has created to break through the clutter. Providing new experiences to sports fans has always been a challenge, but HP has taken a new direction. Technology will continue to evolve; we’re excited to see which company will take the checkered flag and follow HP’s lead.


What’s Next? The Future of Sports Sponsorship and Cross-Platform Activation

Friday, May 30th

Our team is on a mission to be a part of disrupting the sports sponsorship industry. With the new technologies, platforms, and services surrounding the efforts to improve the game-day experience, how you and I are approached by brands will continually change over the next decade. We are excited to hear from Dan Jones (@djoones), Senior VP of Sponsorship and Event Marketing at Intersport (@IntersportBuzz), on the innovative approaches his team is providing to the powerful brands his team works with on a daily basis in Under Armour, GMC, and Papa John’s (just to name a few). We’re ready to show the powerful tool we’ve built for both sides of the marketplace and how we’ll be a part of the changes we’re beginning to see with sports sponsorship.


See y’all in San Francisco in a couple, short days!

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