What’s Your Fantasy (Football Player Worth)?

Week one of the NFL season is in the books. Whether your Fantasy Team rose to the top of your league, or you find yourself in dead last, fans got a glimpse of which players will be vital to rosters and those who need to be traded immediately.

Some of last week’s top performers may have been a surprise, while others met our expectations. As players performances help them to rise in fantasy points, their digital value is likely to increase as well. Here are week one’s top fantasy players and their digital values.

Clint Dempsey1. Matt Ryan | QB | Atlanta Falcons


Twitter Followers: 151,321

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $1,534




Jozy Altidore2. Julius Thomas | TE | Denver Broncos


Twitter Followers: 59,810

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $285




Clint Dempsey3. Marshawn Lynch | RB | Seattle Seahawks


Twitter Followers: 244,360

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $1,523




Jermaine Jones4. Le’Veon Bell | RB | Pittsburgh Steelers


Twitter Followers: 97,303

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $561




DaMarcus Beasley5. Allen Hurns | WR | Jacksonville Jaguars


Twitter Followers: 6,322

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $35




Brad Guzan6. AJ Green | WR | Cincinnati Bengals


Twitter Followers: 231,686

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $1,321




Alejandro Bedoya7. Knowshon Moreno | WR | Miami Dolphins


Twitter Followers: 105,630

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $788




Tim Howard8. Cordarrelle Patterson | WR | Minnesota Vikings


Twitter Followers: 82,614

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $600




Tim Howard9. Matt Bryant | K | Atlanta Falcons


Twitter Followers: 12,327

Estimated Cost/Tweet: $80



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