With the 1st Pick in the 2014 NBA Draft, Fashion Stylists Select…

The NBA Draft has been a dream of many since their playground basketball days. As one of the most important days they’ll ever experience, it plays a huge role in determining the rest of their lives. Their hard work has finally paid off, and it’s a privilege just to be invited to the draft. Draft hopefuls often use their first 15 minutes of fame to make a statement.

Everyone was trying to make a fashion statement. Some would definitely make the cut on Joan Rivers’ Best Dressed List, and the others we just shook our heads at. Here are the best and the worst fashion statements of the 2014 NBA Draft.

The Good


Danté Exum | 5th Overall | Utah Jazz

The Australian represented himself well on one of the biggest stages of his life. The light gray suit with complimenting black tie helped him stand out in all the right ways. Add a statement watch and Australian flag cuff links, to display his pride for his country, and you’ve got a recipe for style success. Simple. Classy. Elegant.

Zach Lavine | 13th Overall | Minnesota Timberwolves

Nothing says “you’ve made it” better than some luxury wrist candy.   The simplicity of the shirt and tie combination allowed his accessories and talent to shine. You’ve got to accessorize to maximize.

Shabazz Napier | 24th Overall | Miami Heat

After becoming a champion at UCONN, Napier is now taking his talents to South Beach. Napier is on the rise in more ways than one.  He gained an impressive Twitter following after LeBron James tweeted “My favorite player in the draft!  #Napier.” But let’s not credit LeBron for all of Napier’s recent success. He kept it simple with a dark gray suit, and let his personality shine with some fancy socks. If his style is any indication of his future in the NBA, I would say Miami is lucky to have him. An outfit is not complete without a smile!


The Bad


Andrew Wiggins | 1st Overall | Cleveland Cavaliers

One would think a black and white suit is a safe option. In the case of number one draft pick Andrew Wiggins, it was not. His choice of a black and white floral printed suit jacket paired with a black bowtie definitely turned some heads. Although a bit out of the ordinary, props to him for making his night as number one a memorable one. WORK IT ANDREW.

Nik Stauskas | 8th Overall | Sacramento Kings

Fashion forward? Yes, but Nik Stuskas’ draft ensemble appears a little bit like a tic tac toe board. However, with the addition of a complimentary coral tie and pocket square, it looks like his future with the Kings will be all fun and games. Just add a POP of color.


Adreian Payne | 15th Overall | Atlanta Hawks

Seven picks later brought us another plaid suit from Adreian Payne. He took a risk with the plaid suit accompanied by a flamboyant bow tie and pocket square. Although Payne had one of the most bazaar looks at the 2014 Draft, he also had one of the most inspired. His suit colors were in honor of 8-year-old Lacey Holsworth who had a well-known friendship with Payne until she died of cancer in April. Payne paid special tribute to her by having “Adreian & Lacey” embroidered in his suit jacket. A humble reminder of what’s important in life as he begins his journey with the Atlanta Hawks. He had the best date on his arm.

The Ugly

Andrew, Nik, Adreian, don’t worry there’s still this:


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