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More than 30,000 athletes use Opendorse to publish posts from organizations just like yours, connecting sports marketers with the most passionate fans in the game.

Tap into the athlete-fan connection.

With our unrivaled network, sports marketers can sign up their own roster of athletes or tap into our existing network of over 30,000 athletes and coaches to reach their audience of over 1.5 billion fans on social media. With athlete-approved registration, data-rich profiles, and secure permissions, sports marketers and athletes can work together to build social media campaigns like never before.

Fast access. Easy onboarding.

Use opendorse to find the perfect athletes for your activation, or bring your own and onboard your current roster in moments.

Opendorse Easy Onboarding

Athlete-approved registration

All of your athletes can quickly connect their social media channels and set content preferences.

Data-rich rosters

Gain access to complete athlete user profiles, giving you tighter organization and more informed outreach.

Automated alerts

Simplify communication with notifications and custom alerts.

Secure profiles

Athlete information remains safe and secure, with no passwords necessary.


The top marketers in sports use Opendorse to access athletes, build rosters, and achieve growth outcomes on social media.

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