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It’s time to embrace the power of athletes on social media.

opendorse is your platform to maximize moments and empower players to help your organization achieve growth outcomes, maximize fan engagement, and build lasting value with social media.

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Engagement is only the beginning.

You know athletes are some of the most influential individuals on social media. This is no secret. Athletes at every level have the unique ability to capture not only an audience’s attention, but an entire fan base’s loyalty. This connection isn’t just unrivaled in sports — it goes unmatched the world over. This influence is something you can feel and measure. Properties and publishers are assumed to own the most locked-in audiences in sports social media. Not anymore. Today, that power lies in the hands of those who create the moments on the field of play.

Athletes impact their fans on social at a rate 10-times higher than their teams and leagues, and 7-times more effectively than top sports publishers. For the first time, you can embrace the power of the athlete. Marketers and athletes now have the collaboration tools to publish the moments that matter and drive real growth outcomes for both parties.

It’s time to win together.

This is about more than engagement metrics. It’s about communicating with fans in channels they genuinely care about. It’s about embracing the opportunity to drive growth and revenue generating outcomes for your organization. It’s about maximizing the value of every piece of content in your library.

Most importantly, it’s about providing athletes with the opportunity they deserve — to access and easily publish the moments they create; empowering them to establish lasting value for themselves beyond the field of play. These outcomes aren’t for you or athletes. This creates value for you and athletes. 

Because when athletes make the most of their moment, everybody wins.

A platform and partner for every player.

Athletes and organizations at every level of sports can collaborate to establish valuable influence, grow the game, and realize revenue-driving outcomes.

Pro Teams

At the pro level

Professional athletes and their property partners have an untapped opportunity to win together with social media. By bringing powerful moments to the athlete’s feed, teams and leagues can enhance engagement and bring fans closer to the game than ever before.

Content is maximized; corporate partnerships made more valuable; and players provided the ultimate opportunity to build and maximize the lasting value of their social audience.

At the amateur level

It’s never too early for athletes to establish an audience and build their influence with social media. Now, collegiate athletics programs and high schools can give student-athletes the tools they need to prepare their brands for the next level. 

For college teams, conferences, and high school athletics programs, empowering your athletes begins as player development, but provides growth opportunities for the property as well. Increase your current athletes’ exposer, power peer recruiting, and engage alumni, coaches, and program ambassadors to achieve outcomes in fundraising, ticket sales, and corporate sponsorship packages.

College Teams

High Schools

Connect social media to revenue outcomes.

Go beyond engagement. opendorse provides powerful campaign building tools, automated publishing, and an
unrivaled athlete network with reach to more than 1.5 billion sports fans worldwide — bringing the full power of social media to your fingertips.

Now is the time to make the most of your moment. Work with partners to share great content, build engaged audiences, and establish influence to win now and deliver lasting value long beyond your time inside the lines of your sport.

Revenue outcomes are possible with athletes at the center of your social strategy. The most engaging individuals in sports will guarantee reach to fans, maximize your corporate partnerships, and enhance Ecommerce opportunities.

Your content is too valuable to sit on the shelf. Every asset in your media library is relevant to the right athlete —and it’s easy to help them publish it. Empower athletes to share powerful posts, and watch your own fan engagement metrics explode.

It’s never been easier to add athletes to your client’s social marketing strategy. Bring innovative tactics to the table with a platform that ensures post fulfillment and allows you to manage and measure your campaign in one place.


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