Deliver dominant growth for clients with athletes on social media.

Centralize agency efforts to access athletes, design and execute campaigns, and track performance — all with one powerful platform. 

Innovative strategies bring unrivaled results.

Athletes are the greatest untapped distribution channels for sports marketers. With massive follower accounts and next-level engagement, the individuals who create the moments in sports drive the greatest impact on social.

It’s no secret that athletes have their fans’ attention on social media, executing athlete marketing strategies at scale has historically proven difficult. From high entry costs to unpredictable schedules and a maze of gatekeepers, agencies have long felt the frustrations of adding athletes to a client’s marketing mix.

That struggle ends now. With opendorse, agencies are provided the publishing technology, athlete network, and team of sports marketing vets to make any athlete-driven execution achievable.

For seven years, we have helped dozens of agencies across the marketing and advertising bring their clients real results by adding athletes to their social media campaigns and activations. We make it exceedingly easy for you identify the right athletes, secure involvement, guarantee post fulfillment, and track client success every step of the way.

Bring unforgettable moments to high-impact channels.

Next-level partnerships

Sponsors and corporate partners win when their message reaches fans in their favorite channels — and in the world of sports, there’s no match for the athlete-fan connection on social media.

Maximize reach, enhance engagement, and add limitless inventory to your client strategy by adding these untapped channels to your offering.

Enhanced ROI

Collaborate seamlessly to convert fans to customers on social. You can empower your clients to promote products and services with the strongest voices sports.

With simple collaboration and powerful campaigns, you will deliver measurable results for your clients.

Unmatched engagement

Athletes have the power to bring people together and turn up the volume on social media. Give your clients the ability to engage fans 10-times more effectively by distributing assets in athlete-driven channels. 

Game-changing channels

Maximize the effectiveness of every asset in client’s sports marketing activation by adding new, powerful channels to distribute your content on social media. 

Add any athlete to your client’s social strategy.

Access our unrivaled network of over 10,000 athletes to identify and add the right athletes and channels for your client’s sports marketing campaign. We provide accurate demographic and performance insights to discover, select, and secure the perfect athletes to drive the results you and your client are looking for.


Design powerful campaigns for one client or many.

End-to-end campaign management tools allow you to orchestrate multiple client activations from start to finish with one powerful platform. With opendorse Campaigns™, you can secure athlete involvement, organize media, compose and schedule posts, and monitor results.

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Connect your social media playbook to revenue outcomes with athlete marketing.