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More than 30,000 athletes —  from All-Pros to prep stars — use Opendorse to publish powerful posts, establish their fan base, and use social media as a power for good alongside partners on social media.

Unmatched opportunity is in your hands.

Athletes at every level have an incredible opportunity with social media. You have an audience and a direct way to reach them.

Whether that’s a fan base of high school peers and college recruiters, or an international audience that tunes in to your every move, the opportunity is there — those fans hang on every play you make and post you share.

Build now. Win forever.

With social, you can communicate with, impact, and ultimately build that audience to create value that lasts. For pro athletes, the value is obvious — their channels become valuable to brands and sponsors. For amateurs, endorsements are out of the question, but the opportunity is there to build your value now to win later.


Every level of competition provide a new opportunity – a highly engaged audience to capture.  From high school and college, to professional sports or postgrad careers; these fanbases each offer an opportunity to build and maximize the value of your personal brands.

Content is currency, but building that brand requires preparation and execution. You have your fan’s attention — but you keep it by sharing content that keeps them coming back for more.

To make the most of your moment — this massive opportunity in front of you — you need access to publish the plays you make.

The most successful athletes on social have help from partners to do just that. Now you can, too.

See how Jarrett Culver went from under-the-radar to social media superstar.

Powered by athletes at every level.

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Tap-to-publish posts.

The time to build your brand is now. College and high school athletes have an opportunity to prepare their personal channels for success unlike the generations before them. Start building your fan base to win now and realize your value down the road.

Opendorse is here to help you do just that. Forget mindless scrolling through media libraries, searching for the perfect picture. Now you can get the best posts sent directly to your phone. With help from your team or athletics department, you will access, review, and publish better-performing posts with a single tap. It’s that easy.

Opendorse Tap Publish
Opendorse Tap to Publish

Powerful athlete-driven campaigns.

So you made it to The Show. You probably already have a massive fan base of social media followers. But audience size isn’t everything. The more views and engagements you receive, the more valuable your channel is to potential partners.

So give the fans what they want — highlights, in-game photos, and inside looks at the life of you, the pro athlete. The good news? Your team, league, and sports publisher already capture all of this content. You just need them to share it. With Opendorse, they can send it so you can publish those posts with one tap, engaging your fans and building more value for partners.

Your partners can use it, too. Agents, reps, and partner brands use the platform to make it incredible easy to fulfill partnership opportunities. Get more opportunities, easily approve and fulfill every agreement, and get paid on time, every time.

The preferred social publishing platform of 30,000+ athletes.

Make life easier for yourself and your partners. Control your channels, easily approve and publish the right posts, and get access to your greatest moments from the field of play.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to your team, alma mater, and partners to get access to the content you want from people you trust. Your partners will send ready-to-share posts that fit your social strategy.

Save Time

Focus on the field, not your phone. With Opendorse, you can approve now to post later. Your partners simply schedule content to publish at the right time for your plan. You hit “Approve,” and we do the rest.

Look Good

No more copy-paste-and-pray. Don’t worry about finding the right image, uploading media, or missing a deadline. Quality, accurate posts are teed up for you to publish with one-tap.

Engage Fans

Keep your fans engaged with help from the best sports marketers in the game. With help from Opendorse and your partners, you can publish content to any social platform, tailor-made to connect with your fans.

Take Control

The top athletes in sports trust Opendorse to keep their accounts safe and secure — and we don’t take that trust lightly. You won’t need to share your password with us or anyone else.

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