Athlete influencer marketing solutions for brands and sponsors

Athletes own the most powerful social media channels in sports.
Now it’s easy to be part of those channels and bring your brand to the right audience with influencer solutions that work.

Reach audiences on social media like never before

Brands and sponsors spend millions of dollars to reach the right audience on social media, yet the powerful distribution channels in sports and social media — athletes — are often left untapped. We get it. Marketers know athletes have the audience and attention of sports fans on social media, but executing campaigns hasn’t always been this easy. Athlete influencer social media deals used to be difficult for all involved. Tedious discovery, prolonged negotiations, and unfilled agreements soured the experience for both sides.

That reality is in the past.

Marketers can instantly access and select the perfect athletes for their influencer campaign using advanced analytics and our network of over 10,000 active athletes. Negotiations and contracts are seamlessly managed, and multi-athlete campaigns can be launched in minutes, not months. Most importantly, once your agreement is in place, fulfillment is guaranteed. Approved content is automatically published in the athlete’s channel.

No more gatekeepers. No more shared passwords. No more copy-paste-and-pray. Just powerful posts in the feeds your fans love.

Welcome to the new era of athlete-driven social media influencer marketing.

Convert fans to customers on social media.


Advanced activations

Brands activate and advertise alongside sports to reach and impact passionate fanbases. Athletes not only provide hyper-targeted distribution to that fanbase — identical content performs 10X higher in their channels when compared to accounts owned by their team and league.

So bring content to their channels. Maximize your content and activations by reaching fans in their favorite feeds. 


Measurable ROI

Go beyond vanity social media metrics. Fan engagement, video views, and follower growth are great, but why stop there? Athlete influencer marketing campaigns with opendorse drive actual revenue.

With seamless collaboration and outcome-oriented campaigns, you can work with athletes to promote your product or service, and convert fans to customers to deliver measurable results for your business.


Maximized exposure

Major sponsors and corporate partners throughout the sports world seek  to increase exposure and engagement with select fanbases. In stadium signage, commercial advertisements, even jersey patches all increase this exposure and add prestige to your brand. 

But inventory for that exposure is limited. Amplify that exposure on social media with the most powerful partner in sports — the athlete.


Unmatched engagement

The athlete-fan connection is undefeated on social media. If social engagement, impressions, or video views fit your business’ goals, athletes the obvious answer to your social marketing strategy.

The data is there — content not only performs better in the athlete’s feed. It dominates. When it comes to engaging fans on social, there’s no better partner to make the most the moment. 

Design campaigns that deliver results.

Orchestrate activations featuring multiple athletes and social media platforms from start to finish with our end-to-end campaign management solution.
With our managed campaigns, you can secure athlete influencers, organize and your media, compose and schedule posts, and monitor results in real-time.

Accurate posts — published on-time, every time.

Forget sharing passwords, copy-paste instructions, and frantic phone calls at the final hour. With opendorse, posts get published to the athlete's feed. Period.
We built opendorse to provide a seamless, worry-free experience for athletes and their partners, and that's what we deliver. Once approved, your content is published in the right place, and the right time, by the right athlete. And you can watch the results roll in.

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