Influence, unlocked.

Get 3X the results with people-powered social media.

Is your target audience paying attention to you?

In today’s digital-driven society, social media is the most effective way to reach consumers versus traditional marketing tactics. Consumers want to hear from influential people – authentic voices – across their social channels, not ads. And, influential people have followers; 10x more than businesses. The challenge – getting content in the hands of influential people and getting them to publish.

Not Anymore.

Opendorse for Business™ is purpose-built to deliver the right content for the right people published on the right channels at the right time. Expand engagement across larger audiences and drive growth. It’s social media publishing in the simplest yet most effective form.

Executive Leadership

Executives have a powerful voice. Wouldn't it be nice if they helped share your message more often? They can be allies in your marketing efforts and thought leaders across the industry, it just needs to be easy for them to share.



Make it easy for your ambassadors to champion your products and services. Send tap-to-publish posts or media to drive meaningful business outcomes. Want to expand your ambassador network? We’ve got a network of influential people you can tap in to.


Give franchisees brand-approved content to publish across their localized network and maintain controls. Want them to craft their own message? Share folders of media with them to craft their own posts.


Dealer Channels

Indirect dealers and resellers need to maintain brand consistency. Send ready-made posts that are on-brand with approved media to channel partners for easy publishing. Your content shared with their audience.

Your network. Powerful outcomes.

Social media offers businesses the chance to become more influential in their respective industries. It just requires the right voices sharing the right content. No matter who it is, Opendorse for Business ensures your content is shared consistently with as much ease and simplicity as possible to drive brand awareness. Tap into your network to deliver into real value and real results.



Leveraging influential partners to post content to their networks drives increased brand awareness into a realm that couldn’t have been tapped before.


On Social

Introduce people to the executives who make up the business to hear real-world proof of brand values. Establish the brand as a thought leader through leadership.



Driving content through influential partners gets the business in front of more eyes. Build awareness, credibility and generate quality web leads and inbound demo requests.


Hire Top

Potential recruits want to feel aligned with leaders of their potential employer. Give leadership the content and publishing tool to use their voice and attract top talent.

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