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Athlete channels outperform the top publishers in sports by 7X on social media. Here’s the good news: they want to share your content.

National and local publishers are adding athletes to their content distribution strategy.

Share the moment.

Sports publishers capture, curate, and broadcast unbelievable volumes of content every day. There’s a nonstop supply of moments in sports that bring emotion and impact to their intended audience. Highlights and milestones are captured and shared create the maximize value for the publisher or property. Yet thousands of hours and bytes of content barely — if ever — sees the light of day.

It makes sense. Sports publishers have maximized their owned channels to create the most value at peak distribution. They have to appeal to a broad audience without diluting their feed. So they can’t share every highlight. It’s just not possible and their whole audience won’t consume it. But at the center of every moment is an athlete with their audience’s full attention.

The athlete’s social channels has a tuned-in fanbase hanging on their every word. Suddenly, there’s a place for that pancake block; the RBI by a local walk-on; the third goal of a blowout match.

This athlete-centric content all exists, but may not have a home in the publishers channels. But here’s the thing — the athlete that created that content is desperate to share it. It helps them build their audience and make the most of the moments they create on their field of place.

But this isn’t a one-way win. By empowering athletes to share their moments, publishers don’t just content off of the shelves — they can turn remnant inventory into real value. Because when athletes  share their moments, fans listen. They engage.

Together, players and publishers can share their stories and maximize content engagement.

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