Improve exposure for your student-athletes

One powerful platform designed to help student-athletes get recruited and succeed on social media.

More scholarship offers for your athletes.

High school athletes have an opportunity at their fingertips unlike the generations who have come before them.

Today’s prep stars can use social media to establish a personal sphere of influence. By publishing the moments that matter inside the lines of their sport, athletes can build powerful audiences, increase recruiting opportunities for the next level, and create lasting value. 

Now, high school coaches, administrators, and marketers can help their student-athletes earn more offers with positive social media strategies.

Since 2012, Opendorse has been used by the world’s top athletes to share posts from their partners, teams, and leagues. Today, we’re here for athletes and their supporters at every level — from preps to the pros.

Recruiting tools for your players and program.


Get recruited

College coaches and recruiters actively use social media to find and vet high school prospects. By providing effective tools and best practices, you can empower your student-athletes to build high-performing profiles to be discovered and make a lasting impression on coaches at the next level.


Engage fans

Fans and peers crave content from athletes at every level. Keep your program message on the same page while building interest from your fan base by helping student-athletes consistently share team-focused content on their personal social media channels.


Establish influence

It’s never too early to begin building a powerful audience. A strong social media presence can help student-athletes now, in college, and well into their lives as professional adults. With your help, prep athletes have the opportunity to begin building an audience now that will provide value for their future.



Boost fundraising

Coaches and student-athletes are often leaders in their community and school. By sharing timely, on-message content, they can help raise awareness and funds for their school and partner organizations with social media campaigns. By helping them to post the right message at the right time, you can boost fundraising and awareness for community events.

Tap-to-publish posts.

Help your athletes reach recruiters with their most powerful moments.

You can share highlights, game photos, and other relevant media with just a few clicks, empowering your student-athletes to publish readymade posts with a single tap.

Powerful athlete-driven campaigns.

Maximize your message, measurement, and efficiency by building campaigns with multiple athletes and posts.

You can help players, coaches, and leaders consistently reach recruiters, fans, and peers with positive posts about their program.