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See how the NHL is bringing fans closer to the game with help from players.

Connect your athletes and fans like never before.

That athlete-fan connection has never been more clear. By the numbers, athletes engage their fans at a 10-times higher rate than teams and leagues on social. When athletes share, fans listen. They engage. They care. Athletes bring fans closer to their sport than any other personality in sports. This connection — and the sheer power of the athlete’s social media channels — makes these stars the most powerful ambassadors in sports. Take the athlete’s greatest moments and bring them back to their personal feed. You’ll engage more fans, build real value for your athletes, and grow your game.

Bring unforgettable moments to high-impact channels.

Boost engagement

Athletes engage their social audience 10-times more effectively than teams or leagues. Give your rosters access to publish their greatest moments to maximize fan engagement for your athletes, teams, and the league itself.  Build multi-athlete and platform campaigns, schedule posts, and measure success every step of the way.

Drive tune-in

Marketing strategy doesn’t stop on social media. Bring more fans to your content with awareness from athlete’s fanbases. Athletes will help drive fans wherever your media can be found — broadcasts and live streams, pre-game analysis and post-game reaction — coordinated campaigns with your best ambassadors will drive fans to your events.

Enhance partnerships

Sponsors and corporate partners crave social media assets, but league channels have limited inventory and effectiveness. Revolutionize your corporate partnership packages and bring your athletes real value by adding their personal channels to your sponsorship marketing mix. Their channels bring enhanced reach, dynamic engagement, and limitless inventory to your partner offering.

Empower athletes

Athletes create the unforgettable moments that make your league great. Help them maximize their value today and beyond their years inside the lines by making those moments available for them to share. Bring powerful moments back to your athletes’ feeds. They’ll build stronger connections with fans, increase the value of their name, image, and likeness, and become closer partners with you, their league.

One-tap content distribution.

Making content available is great. Empowering athletes to publish posts in their feed on-time and on-message takes you to the next level of social media marketing in sports. With simplified content delivery tools, athletes become a seamless part of your social strategy, helping them save time, and delivering results like never before.


Incredibly effective campaigns.

Great marketing is intentional. When athletes share the right media and message at the right time, your goals are attainable. Build specific, objective-oriented athlete-driven activations with a powerful, easy-to-manage campaign builder. Review media, collaborate on copy, schedule posts, and measure success for every moment.

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