Frequently Asked Questions | opendorse



What is opendorse?

opendorse connects marketers with athletes to build endorsement campaigns. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest, easiest, and most transparent way to work with athletes. Through our model, marketers have the ability to find, pitch, negotiate, and activate athlete endorsements faster and easier than ever before. Our software allows marketers, agents, and athletes to manage their endorsement campaigns with ease.


Who uses opendorse?

Brands, marketing agencies, talent agencies, leagues, associations, and nonprofits looking for ways to leverage digital campaigns through the use of an athlete’s social audience.


Why should I use opendorse?

Use opendorse to:

  • Find the right athlete(s) for your campaign
  • We promise your campaign will be presented to the athlete(s)
  • We negotiate the best rate for your activation
  • Activate all of your athlete endorsements in one place
  • Manage the content of your campaign


How much time will this save me?

On average, opendorse helps marketers save 6 hours of labor per activation.


Are all profiles up to date?

We are consistently running updates on our athlete profiles to keep them up to date. Raw data is updated every 5 days. If you see any incorrect information or have questions, please reach out to support.


I don’t understand the data on each profile. Can you help?

Each set of data is accompanied by a ‘hover tip’ that explains the data point, how it’s calculated, and how to use it. If the hover tips aren’t doing it for you, we’re available to go in-depth over a call. Contact us to set up a discovery call.


How is the activation fee determined?

An activation fee is determined by an algorithm using over 50 different metrics, including number of followers, real vs. fake followers and male vs. female followers, to name a few. While each metric carries its own weight, the biggest factors are the athlete’s opendorse score and the current marketplace average for CPM and CPE.


Can I use opendorse to manage an existing campaign?

Of course you can! Connect with one of our Account Coordinators to walk you through our process.


Can you help me find the right athlete for my campaign?

Yes, our campaign services team is here to help you find authentic athletes to participate in your campaigns. We’ll analyze your target market, budget, and campaign goals to provide you with a focused recommendation document. From there, you can choose which athletes you’d like to activate! For more information about our campaign services, set up a discovery call with one of our digital endorsement specialists.


Can you put me in touch with an athlete or their agent?

opendorse has a large network of agents and athletes that utilize our platform. We are happy to reach out to agents and athletes with opendorse deals, but do not give out agent/athlete information to our marketers.
I can’t find the athlete I’m looking for. Can you help?
Yes, while opendorse has immediate access to 900+ athletes and connections with 8,000+ more, there are a few we may have missed! Click here to request an athlete.


I can’t find the athlete I’m looking for. Can you help?

Yes, while opendorse has immediate access to 900+ athletes and connections with 8,000+ more, there are a few we may have missed! Click here to request an athlete.


Can I offer the athlete a deal for a lower price than what’s listed?

Yes, negotiation with athletes and agents is included in our campaign services. We’re here to help you implement authentic athlete endorsements, while providing you with a transparent negotiation process and cost effective use of your marketing budget.


Can you help me write content for my campaign?

Yes, strategy and content creation are offered as a part of our campaign services. Click here to schedule a discovery call to learn more.


What measurements do you provide after the campaign is done?

After the campaign is completed, our team will provide analysis of activation speed and cost savings. We’ll also have a breakdown of total impressions and engagements including retweets, favorites, replies, and link clicks.


Do you accept payment methods other than credit card?

Yes, you have the opportunity to connect a credit card or bank account to your opendorse marketer account. Or, we can invoice you for services and activations. You’ll be able to work with your account coordinator to set up the payment plan that best fits you.


When will you offer Facebook activation?

Facebook is not currently an automated service offered by opendorse. Once we have a significant amount of requests for this service, we’ll add it to the platform. Click here to request Facebook activation.


Why do I have to have #ad?

The FTC requires paid endorsers to disclose when they are compensated to post content online. To protect our marketers and athletes, the opendorse platform requires that #ad be included within all endorsement content.


Why is my link converted to an opendorse link?

Links included in an opendorse executed campaign will be converted to an opendorse link. This link allows us to track interactions with your post so we can provide accurate campaign reports to help you determine your ROI.
Can I schedule an activation to occur in less than 7 days?
We understand that real-time marketing is a priority for many marketers. However, to make sure our athlete and agent users have ample time to approve opendorse deals, we ask that you allow at least 7 days between pitch and activation. Activating in shorter amounts of time is a feature that can be included in our campaign services.


How are projected results determined?

When available, projected results are based on actual results of an athlete’s past endorsements. If the athlete has not yet provided an endorsement via opendorse, projected results are based on the average results of athletes with a similar opendorse score.


How does the payment process work?

At the conclusion of a campaign, opendorse will send payment packages directly to the agent. Packages include the athlete’s check as well as one for the agent with their percent cut from each deal. For all NFL deals, payment will be sent directly to the NFLPA to deposit into the player’s account set up with the NFLPA.


Why do you need my client’s cell phone number?

After first approval from the agent, the athlete will receive real-time deal notifications straight to their phone in the form of a text message. This allows the athlete to review and approve without any worries of posting the content themselves.


Can I add a client without adding their phone number?

Yes. If you know an athlete’s social media account information, you are able to use the Auto-Approve feature to skip inserting the athlete’s phone number. You will receive an email to link their social media accounts. The athlete will never receive any text message notifications.


I know my client’s social media credentials. Can I sign them up on my own?

Of course! When adding a client to your roster, select the “Auto-Approve” feature to receive an email enabling you to link your client’s social media accounts. You will handle all deals for that client.


How many deals should I expect?

On average, an athlete will receive around 4 deals per year.


How soon will I receive my first deal?

Most agents receive their first deal within 90 days of adding their clients to opendorse.


Can I remove my athlete from opendorse?

opendorse is a non-exclusive platform. An agent may remove an athlete from their roster at any time.


Why do I have to link my social media accounts?

Linking an athlete’s social media account allows us to gather data to complete the athlete’s opendorse profile. It also allows approved deals to automatically publish with the correct content at the scheduled time through the player’s social media account(s), the athlete does nothing but approve the deals.


Do you see any of my private info on my social media accounts?

opendorse does not see any private or personal information from your social media accounts. Furthermore, no content will ever be sent from your accounts without your approval first.


I don’t have an agent. Can I use opendorse?

Absolutely. You can sign up directly as an athlete and will directly manage all deal notifications and pitch opportunities right from your phone.

What to learn more about opendorse? An endorsement expert is here to help.