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Sports Marketing:
Connecting fans to moments

Sports Marketing is all about bringing people closer to the moments that matter most. The goal line stands, buzzer beaters, and walk-off home runs not only bring people in for a moment, but create fans for life. In-stadium, at a sports bar, or in your Twitter feed – sports provide a communal experience unlike any other. In this resource, we’ll explore the connection between brands, marketers, athletes, and their mission to reach and impact fans.

We break down:

+ The fan-brand connection

+ How social media has changed the game

+ The athlete’s place at the center of every story


Social Media:
A critical component of omni-channel sports marketing

Social media has changed the game for marketers in every industry, but its impact may be unmatched in sports. For sports marketers, social media is critical to their omni-channel approach. With a more personal approach, social has become a key, effective method to reach and engage fans and audiences.

We explore:

+ Connecting social to real outcomes

+ The perfect platform for every publishing

+ How increasing channels can maximize fan connection

More than simply star-power

Endorsements and influencer marketing are often one in-the-same in sports. In-line with athlete influence, endorsements have traditionally relied on star-power to reach new audiences and influence purchasing decisions. While similarities abound, the script has been flipped for endorsements in the social media era. We break down how online influence is more accessible than ever before.

You’ll find:

+ The athlete’s big audience opportunity

+ Content is now currency

+ How athletes can prepare at every level of play


Influencer Marketing:
It’s the faces in your feed that slow your scroll

Influencer marketing has become a common tactic in the marketing mix. The reason is simple – audiences crave human connection, especially on social media. After all, connecting people with people was the original purpose of social networks. Today, influencers are filling our feeds with quality content, shaping opinions and decisions, and you closer to communities or products. Marketers have embraced this power. So where do athletes fit?

We share:

+ Why people drive more interaction than logos on social

+ That “Influencer Marketing” isn’t all that new after all

+ How influencers and athletes are the same… and different.

+ What happens when athletes gain access to the content they create.

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