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Marketing Technology for Athletes and Supporters

30,000+ athletes use Opendorse to understand, build, and monetize their audience alongside their teams, brands, and fans.

Your Athlete Marketing Toolkit

One powerful platform to access athletes, build and manage campaigns,
automate publishing, and maximize your athlete marketing experience.

Deliver ready-to-publish content directly to one or multiple athlete channels. With Opendorse Publishing, you deliver tap-to-publish content directly to an athlete’s feed, promising higher-performing posts — on-time, on-message, and with all the right approvals along the way.

Build and deliver high-performing social media campaigns with the Opendorse platform. With our Campaigns, you manage the media, messaging and timing of every post. Simply add your preferred media, schedule delivery, customize messaging for individuals on your roster, and track insights from the second posts are published.

Our Network makes it easy for you to make our 30,000+ athletes and coaches your ambassadors. With the push of a button they’ll post your content directly to their personal Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook channels. All users are provided secure user profile management and easy-to-manage alerts and notifications.


We’re here to help every step of the way. From providing data-driven recommendations for your campaign, to athlete on-boarding and securing content approvals, our team of seasoned sports marketers is here to ensure the success of your athlete marketing experience.

In Good Company

Thousands of athletes and sports marketers choose Opendorse as their preferred social publishing platform.

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