Measure: Measure, Learn, and Improve

Once your endorsement marketing campaign is launched, it’s time to fill out the stat sheet and measure the performance. The only way to improve your endorsement game is to develop your strengths and learn from your weaknesses. In order to gather and understand the analytics of your campaign content, you must first understand what analytics

8 Tips Endorsement Marketers Should Learn From Professional Investors

Often times, people seek out the help of a financial advisor so they know which investments they should be making. Other times, they’ll invest in a collection of stocks through either a mutual fund or a professionally managed portfolio account. Why do people do this? Because they want to reduce the risk of investing and

Voice: Spark Buzz Using Athlete Endorsements

  Writing authentic messages for your endorsement marketing campaign takes practice and attention to detail. Knowing the habits of your athlete and the expectations of their audience will lead to legendary campaign performance. The content of your endorsement campaign messages should leverage the athlete’s voice, be relevant to the audience, use a strong call to

8 Ways To Make Your Tweets Actionable

  Just like a meeting without an agenda, a tweet without a purpose is a waste of everyone’s time. So what does a tweet need to have to be worth its weight in kilobytes? It needs a clear call to action. Without a call to action, your endorsement marketing goals are will fall flat. All

Influence: Recruit A Team Of Influencers

So, you’ve established your team’s goals, defined your audience, and fine-tuned your athlete search. Now it’s time to recruit a stellar class of athletes to ensure your endorsement marketing campaign is a home run. The perfect endorsement pitch can prepare you to hit a grand-slam, but be aware, some knuckleballs might get in your way. In

Strategy: Find The Right Influencers

When one leverages the right influencer, with the right message, at the right time, endorsement marketing results are out of this world. Because we know not every campaign will be wildly successful, here’s how to succeed when you’re only 33% correct. That kind of batting average would put you in the hall of fame, right?

Audience: Find Your Core Audience

Are your customers sitting in the nosebleeds, or court side? Could they fill Madison Square Garden, or fit on the team bus? Understanding your audience is key to crafting an endorsement marketing campaign that will leave a memorable impact on your current and future customers. The search for the perfect athlete endorsement doesn’t start with

Plan: Outline Your Campaign Goals

  Would you head onto the football field without a playbook? Is your goal to score on every play? Or move the ball forward? Your endorsement marketing campaign must have clear goals and a path towards success to be a valuable component of your marketing strategy. Endorsement marketing can be used by marketers to create a wide array

Getting Started: Endorsement Marketing Basics

  What exactly is endorsement marketing? Here at opendorse, we like to use the following definition: “Endorsement Marketing is leveraging the trust between an influencer and their audience to market a product, service, or brand.” In short, instead of building trust directly with your customer, channel your marketing through an already trusted source. You’ve seen Michael Phelps or Ndamukong

How Bryan Health Used Thought Leadership to Rally Legislation

How Bryan Health Used Thought Leadership to Rally Legislation This tweet and 39 others helped Bryan Health become a thought leader when it came to concussions. They built their brand’s reputation and engaged thousands of young athletes and their parents with information that will help protect them. If that’s not enough, the momentum gained from