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The NBA’s Top 50 Players on Social

The 2019 NBA All-Star game will take place on Sunday, February 17 at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, N.C. In preparation for the festivities, we break down the athlete-driven data from the league’s Top 50 most powerful players on social throughout the first half of the regular season.   View this post on Instagram   Almost

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Breaking Down UCF’s Athlete-Driven Domination

It’s no secret that UCF Football’s brand has blown up. The team ran the table in 2017, claiming their share of the national title just two years after finishing with a winless record. They nearly did again this year before falling short in the Fiesta Bowl. From on-field success to off-field execution, the Knights have

The NHL’s Top 50 Players on Social

Just in time for NHL All-Star weekend, we take a look at the league’s most powerful athletes on social throughout the first half of the regular season. As stars gather in San Jose, CA to showcase their skills and compete, the data in this athlete-driven report offers a look at how the league’s 50 most-followed players perform individually

Top Athlete-Driven NBA Teams

NBA players and their teams are consistently some of the strongest in the world on social. Thanks in large part to a combination of star power and quality content, these athletes build massive audiences and drive engagement that tops North American sports. While many leagues are embracing the value of athlete-driven social strategies, few have done it better than the

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Top Athlete-Driven Teams of 2018

Many leagues began to embrace athlete-driven social strategies in 2018, but numerous teams have already hit the ground running. Across professional sports, we witnessed first-hand how powerful player-driven strategy can be. The NFL showed us how activity from a few top players can produce a league-wide leader.  Meanwhile, NBA and MLB teams saw huge jumps in performance by acquiring

2018’s top 100 athletes on social

Ealier this month, we reported on the leading athlete-driven leagues of 2018. Our recap featured eight of the most powerful sports leagues in North America, all with one thing in common — their athletes create serious impact on social. Here, we take a look at the familiar faces within those leagues who keep fans coming back for

The Leading Athlete-Driven Leagues of 2018

If 2019 becomes the year of athlete-driven marketing on social, 2018 was the year that built the foundation to make it happen. The leading leagues, properties, and publishers in sports have made significant strides to empower their talent with technology, strategy, and premium content. This effort is founded in proof  — lots of proof  —