Opendorse for Business
Introducing Opendorse For Business™: The solution that unlocks people-powered social media

Today I’m excited to share the launch of Opendorse for Business, a new solution for businesses to streamline content publishing with their people on social media. Opendorse is rooted in sports and helping athletes — that’s who we are and always will be. But from day-one at Opendorse, I have been passionate about the opportunity

what is a sponsorship activation
What Is A Sponsorship Activation

Sponsoring an event or organization can be a great way for brands of bringing awareness, brand affiliation, and generate revenue-driving leads. Sponsorships can often foster brand loyalty more subtly and effectively than other marketing tactics. However, in today’s advertising noise, simply slapping a logo on a screen or a booth at an event doesn’t quite

How to get more Twitter followers
How To Get More Followers On Twitter & Grow Your Audience

Twitter is unique among social media channels. Some consider it a vanity platform for elite professional athletes, celebrity influencers, and thought leaders, but millions of savvy brands and individuals have learned how to leverage Twitter to build their audience and engage loyal users. Twitter is a short-form text and visual media platform that many users

How to get more followers on Facebook
How To Get More Followers On Facebook & Grow Your Audience

Despite what the kids may say, Facebook isn’t just a social network for your parents or as those same kids call them ‘Boomers.’ Yes, they are on there, but it’s an amazing platform for both brands and individuals to gain fans or followers. And there are plenty of ways to do it without spending a

How to get more followers on instagram
How To Get More Followers On Instagram & Grow Your Audience

In a world full of paid ads in your Instagram feed, there are still many ways to grow your brand’s following without spending a dime with the platform. And that goes for both businesses and individuals alike. With organic growth in any sector, engaging a user is everything. Posting just for the heck of it

The Opportunity with Social Media

What’s possible with social media is largely underestimated and even misunderstood. What businesses and organizations began to look to in the mid-2000s as a group of nice-to-have channels to broadcast company news and converse with fans has become so much more. It’s more than a fun opportunity for an intern. Social is an opportunity to

Name Image, and Likeness Rights for Marketing part 3
Navigating Athlete Name, Image and Likeness Part 3

Measurement Before you complete your first promotion or get your products prepared to market, it’s important to identify measurable metrics and data points to help determine if your use of athlete name, image and likeness created value for your organization. While there are endless ways to determine the success of any business decision, we have

Top MLB Content During Quarantine from Opendorse
How MLB Players Can Connect With Fans and Build Personal Brands

The sports world is in uncharted waters. While we should be looking forward to Opening Day, we’re instead left to wonder when baseball will return to the diamond. But while the first pitch remains undetermined, many players are turning to social media to stay connected to their peers and fans, while growing their personal brands.

How to Build A Network

Establishing a network of social media advocates – from ambassadors and employees to athletes and celebrity influencers – is at the core of a successful social media strategy in 2020. While platform algorithms and best-practices change, one truth remains the same: people have the power on social media. The influence of individuals is measurably more

Rise of Patrick Mahomes on Social
Be Like Pat: 5 Tips Athletes Can Take From the NFL’s Social Media Marketing Champ

Patrick Mahomes has had himself a year. The Kansas City quarterback followed-up his 2018-19 MVP run by taking home the Lombardi Trophy in 2020. Throughout the journey, Mahomes put on a masterclass on how to build an audience, engage fans, and attract sponsors on social media. His paired performance from the field to feeds of