The ROI of Social Media
How To Measure Social Media ROI

You know the metrics you’re going to measure for social media, the creative and messaging are good to go, what’s next? It’s time to get your revenue and tracking systems in place to prove ROI. Whether you’re an in-house marketer, business leader, or agency consultant, measuring the ROI of your social media strategies is a

What Should Your Leaders Share on Social Media?

While marketers can be quick to search for celebrity influencers to act as ambassadors for their business, the greatest ambassadors could already be just down the hall. For many businesses and organizations, those in leadership positions are often the brand’s most effective ambassadors on social media. The success stories of leadership-led social media strategies are

Why ADs Can’t Wait to Prepare Their Programs for Name, Image, and Likeness Rights

The 2021 recruiting class will be the first to have name, image, and likeness monetization opportunities from the moment they set foot on campus. Knowing this, recruits right now are asking, “How will your school prepare me to monetize my NIL rights?” The question carries real weight. The answer will have an impact on one of

First Round in the Feed: How NFL Sponsors and Rookies Launched Social Media Campaigns on Draft Day

The NFL Draft is one of the biggest days every year at Opendorse.  As the social media activation partner of NFL Players, we’ve helped hundreds of newly drafted rookies publish posts. We’ve executed real-time campaigns on behalf of NFL sponsors, assisted players in sharing highlights and thanking their alma maters, and have even launched awareness

tips for cbd advertising online
Tips For CBD Advertising Online

CBD has exploded onto the scene as one of the most popular consumer products of the last few years and it shows no signs of slowing down A Consumer Reports survey in April 2019 showed that 25% of Americans had tried a CBD product in some form. Sales of CBD, CBG, and hemp-infused products are

Influencer Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations

A tweet can change the world. That might sound hyperbolic, but for JJ Watt and the city of Houston, hyperbole became reality in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In response to the hurricane’s devastation, Watt set up a relief campaign with an original goal of raising $200,000. He then shared the campaign on Twitter,

The Analytics of social media marketing
The Key Analytics of Social Media Marketing

Marketing and measurement go hand in hand, and social media is no exception. Marketing initiatives live and die on the metrics they track and measuring the right metrics is just as important as ensuring accuracy. Social media can be one of the most complicated to track with impressions, clicks, shares, conversions, ROI, and cross-device attribution.

name image likeness rights monetization nfl draft
NIL Draft: NFL Prospects with the Most Earning Potential on Social Media

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights and monetization is the most hotly debated topic in college athletics today. While current student-athletes have to wait until their collegiate careers end to earn income from their NIL, now is the time to get ready and increase their future earning potential. By using their time on campus to

Athletes adjust to social distancing with social media
Athletes Adjust to Social Distancing with Social Media

Sports are universal. They transcend boundaries and language, invoke emotion, and passion. Games that allow fans to show their true colors and cheer on their favorite teams and athletes in the process. Now more than ever, in this time of worry and wonder while COVID-19, a global pandemic is the headline and plastered on our

How to Get Verified on Instagram

Instagram verification matters. From hopeful influencers to brand social media managers, the blue badge means added credibility and more accessible popularity. According to Instagram, verification solidifies an account as the “authentic presence of a notable public figure, celebrity, or global brand.” The badge makes it easy for users to find the people, public figures, and