Instagram Creator Profiles — How and Why Influential People Need to Make the Switch

Instagram has become the marketing platform of choice for many athletes, influential people, and influencer marketing experts. But while massive follower counts and thousands of likes per post provide a glimpse of an individual’s campaign potential, sophisticated marketers are hungry for insights that push beyond vanity metrics. Beginning in 2019, Instagram launched an initiative to

How to get more Twitter followers
How to Get Verified on Twitter

Everybody wants that little blue checkmark. We’re talking about Twitter verification. It’s an instant shot of credibility behind every one of your tweets. More tangibly, a Twitter verification badge makes your profile easier to find for other Twitter users. Beyond the boost to your credibility on social media, earning the blue tick of Twitter verification

Tips From the Athlete Analyst: Gain More Followers With Simple, Effective Social Media Profiles

In a sea of over 500 thousand student-athletes and 10 thousand professional athletes, how can you stand out and be found on social media? When a fan wants to find and follow an athlete, they will typically search the athlete’s name, either through a search engine or through the social platform itself. If the athlete’s

Top MLB Content During Quarantine from Opendorse
MLB Players are Turning to Social Media to Connect with Fans

We’re another week into social distancing and social media has become a connection to the outside world for athletes and fans alike. For many, social has provided an outlet for fun, creativity, and the basic person-to-person connection that we’re all missing right now. While there’s no playbook for our current situation, the opportunity with social remains

Social Media Statistics That Matter

Social media is part of our daily lives and usage continues to grow as new platforms are created and existing ones evolve. Savvy marketers look to social channels as a key strategy to grow their brands, sell products, and create influencers. Which social channels are right for your brand? How does one wade through the