why google analytics and facebook ads conversions don't match
Google Analytics and Facebook Ad Tracking

Facebook campaigns have long been an effective way to drive traffic and leads for businesses of all sizes. Facebook allows your brand to target highly specific interest-based audiences and run remarketing campaigns that can drive positive ROI on even small ad spend budgets. As with every advertising initiative, it needs to be monitored closely to

How Eric DeSalvo and UCF Stay Dominant on Social Media

The University of Central Florida Knights are leading the charge when it comes to creativity in digital and social media. Eric DeSalvo, Assistant Athletic Director in charge of #content, and his team had a clear vision and strategy at the start of 2020 – to promote on-and-off-the-field access of UCF student-athletes. “We’re the only Division

clemson nil social media student athletes
NIL Earning Potential of Clemson Football Student-Athletes

Each day marks a step closer to the new era of name, image, and likeness rights in collegiate athletics. These changes will have a fundamental impact on college sports. It has become imperative that ADs and coaches can pitch and prove that their program offers its student-athletes an edge in NIL rights. Those who do…

Athlete Advocate Zach Soskin Details How Student-Athletes Can Begin Preparing for NIL… Today.

College athletics is a multi-billion-dollar industry. And while schools and media rights holders rake in revenue, the athletes at the heart of these proceeds have yet monetize their efforts… Until 2021 at least. In just months, the college sports landscape is set to change in a big way as those performing on the fields and

Influencer Marketing Metrics that Matter

Capitalizing on the reach and engagement of influencers and athletes has proven to be a valuable marketing strategy for brands of all sizes. This modern version of the word-of-mouth campaign is particularly relevant for brands with younger target markets, as younger generations are more likely to follow and trust an influencer over a traditional spokesperson

Conversions that matter in digital marketing
9 Conversion Metrics You Should be Measuring

You can’t prove that your marketing efforts are successful without measuring the right metrics. Although there are thousands of metrics you can track, conversions are arguably the most important. The ability to measure conversions is a fundamental part of digital marketing that determines if a business is achieving its goals. Every organization has goals specific

NIL Ready: Preparing Student-Athletes to Win in the New Era of Name, Image, and Likeness Rights | Part 1

Build your brand. Be a storyteller. Share great content. These are all good pieces of advice student-athletes and recruits… but what do they really mean? In the era of name, image, and likeness rights in college sports, statements like these are on the right track, but offer little more than a generic reminder. Today’s student-athletes

Influencer Marketing Checklist: How to Build an Effective Social Media Influencer Campaign

Countless marketers are turning to influencer marketing to achieve outcomes for their organization. But the barrier to entry can look insurmountably high and pitfalls are plenty.  Who should you work with? What are reasonable goals? And how do you really measure success? The challenge is real, but don’t be deterred. The right preparation and process

How Brands and Their Employees Use Social Media for Effective Recruiting

What if I told you that one of the biggest marketing opportunities for your brand starts with your staff? It’s true. Your employees are the heart of your company and can be your biggest advocates to help drive your brand’s message to your target demographic. Advocates. Evangelists. Ambassadors. These are all just a few monikers

A New Era in College Sports: Athlete Brand Builder Zach Soskin Surveys the Name, Image, and Likeness Landscape

Incoming changes to Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) rights and regulation are set to impact college sports at every level. From recruits and student-athletes to marketing leaders, coaches, compliance staff, and even athletic directors – the changes are sure to be both a challenge and opportunity for all involved. To add an outside perspective on the