World Series Rewind: Recapping the MLB’s Postseason on Social Media

After a mid-pandemic postseason that saw 16 teams competing for a title, the Los Angeles Dodgers were crowned World Series Champions having defeated the Tampa Bay Rays in six games. Beyond the diamond, MLB players took to social media in record numbers to attract and engage fans. As a result, athletes from both of these

Player Social Media in the NFL: Catching up with Zach Royse of the Minnesota Vikings

The NFL captures the attention of audiences across the country every Sunday. On the television broadcast, fans are glued to the 11 athletes on the field, but each team is filled with 53 personalities. And on social media, each player has an opportunity to grow their personal brand. In recent years, big-name NFL players have

Previously Recorded Live Product Announcement with CEO Blake Lawrence We had over 500 of our closest friends in the industry join us as I shared our vision to prepare this ecosystem for the new era of athlete endorsements. Presenting the next generation of Opendorse: Opendorse Social™ — Managing media to maximize endorsement value.  Opendorse Deals™ — End-to-end endorsement management. Opendorse Monitor™ — Visibility for all athlete endorsement activity.  Our

opendorse and overtime
Opendorse and Overtime Team to Prepare College Athletes, Programs for NIL

Partnership to offer student-athlete brand-building packages to college programs Opendorse and Overtime today announced the launch of a partnership built to prepare the endorsement industry for coming changes to Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) policies in college athletics. The companies will provide college athletics programs with custom content creation and distribution technology that has proven

Blake Lawrence Opendorse Deals and Monitor
Announcing The Next Generation of Athlete Endorsements

Last week, we made one of the landmark announcements in Opendorse history. I shared a vision — one that we’ve had from the beginning — to bring the athlete endorsement industry together with the technology it needs to succeed. We shared our vision to prepare this ecosystem for the new era of athlete endorsements… the

Opendorse Brands Offseason
No Offseason For Endorsements: How Brands and Athletes Can Win The Offseason

Sports fans have enjoyed non-stop sports action this summer with major league seasons finding their rhythm. The NWSL was the first league to start a bubble season in June, kicking off the sports restart and leading the WNBA and PLL to start their bubble seasons in July. The NBA and NHL followed suit with their

WNBA Most Influential
The WNBA’s Most Influential Players on Social Media

2020 has been a year focused on adaptability for sports leagues, teams, and athletes. During the midst of uncertainty, the WNBA has taken the 2020 season as an opportunity to explode in growth, seeing an 68% increase in viewership. In April, the WNBA was the first league to host a virtual draft, in July they

Wake Forest Athletics to Build Student-Athlete Brands with Opendorse

Wake Forest’s partnership with Opendorse is key for its “STRIDE” program to help student-athletes with NIL education and performance tools, with emphasis on personal brand building with social media. Following Monday’s announcement detailing Wake Forest Athletics “STRIDE” initiative, Athletics has partnered with Opendorse and the Ready program and to help its student-athletes build their individual

Most Influential Puma Sponsored Athletes on Social

Nike and Adidas are often the big names that are touted within the sportswear landscape. And yet many do not know that Puma has been around longer than both of them. It is that ode to history that has attracted many to the brand. Take basketball for instance. A new crop of NBA players have

Red Bull Blog
Most Influential Red Bull Sponsored Athletes on Social

Red Bull is everywhere. From Austria to New York, the energy drink brand is taking up shelf space at both your local convenience store and the world of sport. The Austrian-based brand hosts an impressive roster of world-renowned athletes from all walks of sport and every corner of the globe. Known for the love of action and adventure, Red Bull athletes span