Building the Player-Fan Connection with the NHL’s David Klatt

The National Hockey League (NHL) is stacked with elite athletes and wildly passionate fans from around the world. The one thing that connects them all? Social media.  In 2019, the league entered a partnership with Opendorse, built to help players leverage social media to further connect with fans and build valuable personal brands. The partnership

Most Influential Asics Sponsored Athletes on Social

When you have a niche, you capitalize on it. Whether it be a sport, training regiment, exercise, or specific segment of the sportswear market, you go all-in on what helps to set you apart. That’s what ASICS is all about. Sure, it dips into the overall athletics space as it has expanded within recent years

Avoid Bad Endorsements
Evaluating Partnerships: Bad Athlete Endorsement Deals And How To Avoid Them

Endorsement deals can be a bit of a misnomer within the sports industry. Often misconstrued as a handshake deal of “talk about how good this product is in exchange for a bunch of money,” endorsements at their core allow for fruitful sponsorships to arise between athletes and brands. At its best, modern-day sponsorships and partnerships

Social in Soccer: Analyzing the rising influence USWNT and USMNT players on social.

After nearly 9 months away, The U.S. Soccer Men’s and Women’s National Teams returned to the field with multiple matches in November. The USMNT played two matches: a respectable draw against Wales and a 6-2 victory over Panama. The USWNT defeated the Netherlands 2-0 in their lone match. While the USWNT is reloading after a

K-State Athletics to Launch NIL Readiness Program for Student-Athletes

Wildcats join Opendorse Ready™ to Help Athletes Understand and Maximize Endorsement Value in Preparation for Name, Image, and Likeness Kansas State Athletics announced today its decision to join Opendorse Ready, the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) Readiness program geared to prepare student-athletes for upcoming NIL policy changes and apply proven endorsement management solutions. Opendorse has

NIL Goes Global: Could International Student-Athletes Have an Advantage?

In the NIL era, the athlete endorsement industry is going to grow 100X in size, from five thousand athletes to 500 thousand athletes overnight, enhancing the competitiveness of the already-challenging market. Of those 500 thousand college athletes, approximately 20 thousand are international student-athletes. For these athletes, there’s an opportunity to stand out with their built-in

Find Your Niche: How Carving Out Your Corner Can Lead to Endorsement Opportunities

Many athletes aren’t natural marketers — and that’s okay. While creators and influencers rely on marketing instincts and strategies to build valuable audiences, athletes have an audience built-in — their fans. But to take the leap from ordinary athlete to endorsement marketing superstar, athletes need to define their personal brand and commit to a series

Approaching Athlete Marketing with Watch-Momentum’s Alec Palmer

After firing off an email in the middle of class, Alec Palmer quickly found himself shooting a video for an athlete who would soon become the most outspoken voice in baseball. Countless shoots and strategy sessions later, Palmer is now Director of Marketing for Watch-Momentum, an athlete-driven media company co-founder by 2020 Cy Young winner

FightCamp logo
Athlete Influencer Marketing Brand Spotlight – FightCamp

Incorporating influencers of any type in your marketing mix can be a wild card — and athletes are no exception. Well-known brands with big budgets like Budweiser, State Farm, and Coca-Cola feature superstar athletes in their commercials and social media posts, spending millions each year on on-and-offline activations. What about the brands that aren’t household

How Athletes Can Make Money with YouTube

So, you want to learn how to make money off of YouTube videos? Making binge-able, notification-worthy content isn’t something that you just pick up and start doing… or is it? While there are many details to consider prior to posting, the fact is that anyone — particularly public figures— can amplify their voice and shine