Leveraging social media to tune in
Leveraging Social to Boost Tune-In for Non-Traditional Live Events

Long gone are the days when there were only one or two games on television a week for an entire league’s slate (thank goodness). Each and every sporting event, no matter how big or small, is now available to watch somewhere—I see you, guy or gal who Google searches to find that precious and perhaps

Building an Endorsement Campaign with Athlete Influencers

Influencer marketing. Athlete endorsements. You’ve heard the terms, and perhaps you’ve given one or both a shot. Maybe you’re even among the marketers set to spend up to $10 billion on influencer marketing in 2020 (Influencer Marketing Hub, 2020). If you’re here, you know this isn’t a fad (see: $10 billion), but how has the

Driving attendance and foot traffic with athlete influencer marketing

I think Twitter’s great, but how is that going to get people out to my event? There are A LOT of ways to “get butts in seats” or bring fans out to your event—traditional avenues like radio and print among them—but it’s time to run a different play to invite people to attend your next

3 Big Ideas from the 2016 Brand Engagement Summit

Though some of my opendorse colleagues have been able to attend the Intersport Brand Engagement Summit in the past, the 2016 event in Chicago was my first experience. And as I look back now a few days after its conclusion, I feel so fortunate to have rejoined the sports business industry. The business of opendorse