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Athlete Influencer Marketing Brand Spotlight – FightCamp

Incorporating influencers of any type in your marketing mix can be a wild card — and athletes are no exception. Well-known brands with big budgets like Budweiser, State Farm, and Coca-Cola feature superstar athletes in their commercials and social media posts, spending millions each year on on-and-offline activations. What about the brands that aren’t household

Where Does Social Media Belong in B2B Marketing?

Too many B2B companies have ignored – or misused – social media for too long. Old school marketing organizations have read the same best practices, passively activated bland strategies, and ultimately, ceded their opportunity with these powerful communications platforms under the assumption that social “isn’t for them.” It’s time for a change. B2B business big

social media and seo
Social Media and SEO

Social media and SEO are pillars of any digital marketing strategy and crucial to a brand’s online success but the relationship between the two has always been muddy. Do Facebook shares and retweets help improve organic ranking? Digital marketers have varying opinions about the impact social media has on SEO but one thing is clear,

why google analytics and facebook ads conversions don't match
Google Analytics and Facebook Ad Tracking

Facebook campaigns have long been an effective way to drive traffic and leads for businesses of all sizes. Facebook allows your brand to target highly specific interest-based audiences and run remarketing campaigns that can drive positive ROI on even small ad spend budgets. As with every advertising initiative, it needs to be monitored closely to

Conversions that matter in digital marketing
9 Conversion Metrics You Should be Measuring

You can’t prove that your marketing efforts are successful without measuring the right metrics. Although there are thousands of metrics you can track, conversions are arguably the most important. The ability to measure conversions is a fundamental part of digital marketing that determines if a business is achieving its goals. Every organization has goals specific

The ROI of Social Media
How To Measure Social Media ROI

You know the metrics you’re going to measure for social media, the creative and messaging are good to go, what’s next? It’s time to get your revenue and tracking systems in place to prove ROI. Whether you’re an in-house marketer, business leader, or agency consultant, measuring the ROI of your social media strategies is a

tips for cbd advertising online
Tips For CBD Advertising Online

CBD has exploded onto the scene as one of the most popular consumer products of the last few years and it shows no signs of slowing down A Consumer Reports survey in April 2019 showed that 25% of Americans had tried a CBD product in some form. Sales of CBD, CBG, and hemp-infused products are

The Analytics of social media marketing
The Key Analytics of Social Media Marketing

Marketing and measurement go hand in hand, and social media is no exception. Marketing initiatives live and die on the metrics they track and measuring the right metrics is just as important as ensuring accuracy. Social media can be one of the most complicated to track with impressions, clicks, shares, conversions, ROI, and cross-device attribution.