It’s in the Game: How Much Can Esports Athletes Earn on Social Media?

The business of Esports is booming. Prior to Covid-19 changing the sports world as we know it, Newzoo predicted that esports revenue would grow by over 15% to reach $1.1 billion in 2020. Of that, up to 75% of the total market – over $800 million – is expected to come from media rights and

name image likeness rights monetization nfl draft
NIL Draft: NFL Prospects with the Most Earning Potential on Social Media

Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) rights and monetization is the most hotly debated topic in college athletics today. While current student-athletes have to wait until their collegiate careers end to earn income from their NIL, now is the time to get ready and increase their future earning potential. By using their time on campus to

Social Media Statistics That Matter

Social media is part of our daily lives and usage continues to grow as new platforms are created and existing ones evolve. Savvy marketers look to social channels as a key strategy to grow their brands, sell products, and create influencers. Which social channels are right for your brand? How does one wade through the

what is a sponsorship activation
What Is A Sponsorship Activation

Sponsoring an event or organization can be a great way for brands of bringing awareness, brand affiliation, and generate revenue-driving leads. Sponsorships can often foster brand loyalty more subtly and effectively than other marketing tactics. However, in today’s advertising noise, simply slapping a logo on a screen or a booth at an event doesn’t quite

Name Image, and Likeness Rights for Marketing part 3
Navigating Athlete Name, Image and Likeness Part 3

Measurement Before you complete your first promotion or get your products prepared to market, it’s important to identify measurable metrics and data points to help determine if your use of athlete name, image and likeness created value for your organization. While there are endless ways to determine the success of any business decision, we have

How athletes earn endorsements and sponsorships
How Athletes Get Endorsements and Sponsorships

Not every athlete signs a contract worth millions of dollars, and if they do, they can always make more. Many athletes today can make just as much and sometimes even more off the field as they do for playing the game they love. Enter Endorsements and Sponsorships. Music to the ears of agents and athletes.

kpis for measuring sports sponsorship roi
10 KPIs Brands Should Be Measuring For ROI in Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship can be an exceptional way to drive brand awareness and business outcomes as part of an overall marketing strategy. Depending on the sport, a sponsorship, whether for a single event or an entire season, can place a brand in front of tens of millions of consumers. Thrusting a brand into the public spotlight through

Top NBA Shoe Endorsement Deals
Top 10 NBA Shoe Endorsement Deals of All Time

Sneakers. To talk about NBA stars and endorsement contracts is first and foremost to talk about shoe deals. Brand categories like beverages, electronics, trading cards and video games also offer large contracts to NBA players, but those deals very rarely pay like the shoe companies. NBA stars are positioned more than other professional athletes for

Under Armour Sponsored Athletes
Top 25 Most Influential Under Armour Sponsored Athletes on Social

One of the most effective ways for brands to align their interests with consumers near and far is by sponsoring and endorsing the most beloved athletes in the world—and Under Armour has certainly done just that. For years, the sports apparel and equipment giant has been spending some serious cash to strike deals with world-class

Adidas sponsored athletes
Top 25 Most Influential Adidas Sponsored Athletes on Social

At this point, almost everyone on the planet knows what the ‘three-stripe life’ is all about. And that’s thanks in large part to the incredible visibility Adidas has across the world in almost every sport and league. It’s less about any specific campaign when it comes to Adidas, and more about the athletes the company