Opendorse and Momentum Launch Athlete-Driven Partnership

Sports may be on pause, but the athlete’s voice is stronger than ever before. We’ve all seen it in practice. Athletes impact culture, effect change, and drive conversation well beyond the lines of their sport. What they say – and what they share – matters. Today, we’re proud to launch a partnership designed to further

Opendorse for Business
Introducing Opendorse For Business™: The solution that unlocks people-powered social media

Today I’m excited to share the launch of Opendorse for Business, a new solution for businesses to streamline content publishing with their people on social media. Opendorse is rooted in sports and helping athletes — that’s who we are and always will be. But from day-one at Opendorse, I have been passionate about the opportunity

A Letter from CEO Blake Lawrence: Introducing Opendorse Ready™ — The NIL Readiness Program

Ready for the Future Today, Nebraska Athletics announced its plan to be the first athletic department to provide a tangible solution to help every student-athlete prepare for the coming changes to Name, Image and Likeness policies in collegiate sports. This announcement brings me tremendous joy — not only because Nebraska is my alma mater, or

Squad Roles: How Abbie Giffin Pushes the Product Forward

Opendorse is no stranger to change. In 2019, the company launched a ground-up re-write of its product, providing features and technology tailormade for its users. At the center of the ever-evolving technology is Abbie Giffin, Head of Product. From intern to graphic designer, to now leading the Product Team; Abbie has seen nearly every phase

Squad Roles: How Mattie-Lou Chandler Drives Growth for the PGA TOUR with Player-Driven Social Media

The PGA TOUR is on a player-driven push to bring the game closer to fans through social media. The results have been impressive. In just a few years, the TOUR’s Player Content team has pushed the boundaries to drive hundreds of millions of video views and game-changing engagement for players and the sport. At the

Introducing Opendorse On Demand: A Q&A with CEO Blake Lawrence

Today, we’re excited to take athlete social media marketing to the next level with a mobile app and game-changing feature, Opendorse On Demand. These updates put more power in the hands of athletes and you — the social media marketers, SIDs, and everyone who has embraced the athlete-driven media movement. The on-demand mobile experience automates

Squad Roles: Nikki Stoudt shows the Hurricanes how to “Live a Little!” on social

From the Storm Surge to Bunch of Jerks, the Carolina Hurricanes have become an athlete marketing powerhouse on and off the ice. Behind the scenes — and powering some of the most iconic social posts from the players and the team — is Marketing Coordinator Nikki Stoudt. In a role that started with a single

Squad Roles: Opendorse CEO Blake Lawrence is here to “get your followers up.”

Blake would rather show you this journey on a whiteboard, but for now, this blog will have to do. When he’s not doodling on the dry-erase, Blake leads the team at Opendorse as CEO alongside co-founder and President Adi Kunalic. In this interview, Blake details his path to Opendorse, his role, and where he expects

MAC Makes a Big Play for Advocacy Marketing On Social Media

The Mid-American Conference (MAC) has announced the launch of a new marketing initiative to increase the conference’s reach and fan engagement on social media. With Opendorse, the conference will streamline social media collaboration and publishing between the conference and its key ambassadors – athlete alumni and conference leaders, as well as accounts of member institutions

Marty Summa, Maryland
Squad Roles: How Marty Summa Helps Maryland Athletes Celebrate Moments and Connect With Fans

Introducing Squad Roles, our partner spotlight series. We’re excited to kick off a new series built to celebrate the people who push athlete-driven social media forward every day. We’ll be asking our partners, team members, and leaders throughout the industry about their roles, passions, and career paths. To kick-off the series, meet Marty Summa, Senior