State of Sponsored Social Report

The athlete and influencer marketing industry is big business on social media. Nowhere has this become more clear than Instagram in the form of Branded Content. You’ve surely seen it across your feed: “Paid partnership with brand.” Brands of all sizes now look to accounts with influence to power their message and media on Instagram

Athletes vs. Influencers: Who Really Delivers for Sponsors on Social Media?

It’s an attention economy and we’re all livin’ in it. As social media marketers, we can no longer hope to engage an audience by rolling out cookie-cutter content backed with a modest ad-spend.  This publish-and-pray approach isn’t going to cut it. We’re not only competing with other marketers anymore. Instead, we’re competing for our audience’s

Opendorse Influencer Campaign
Top-Performing Athlete Influencer Marketing Campaigns of 2020

2020 has been a year has been unlike any other across the world and the sports industry. Despite seemingly constant uncertainty, the year has proved revolutionary for professional athletes.  And even while restrictions that forced numerous events to be canceled or postponed — including March Madness and the Tokyo 2020 Olympics — the collective voice

Leveraging social media to tune in
Leveraging Social to Boost Tune-In for Non-Traditional Live Events

Long gone are the days when there were only one or two games on television a week for an entire league’s slate (thank goodness). Each and every sporting event, no matter how big or small, is now available to watch somewhere—I see you, guy or gal who Google searches to find that precious and perhaps

Why Audience Analysis Matters for Brands and Individuals

Understanding your audience is certainly not a new, novel concept. From print to radio to television and more recently social media, knowing who is viewing and/or engaging with your brand can be some of the most valuable data any marketer can get their hands on. Before we get into how to go about researching your

NBA Players Building Endorsement Value From the Bubble

The NBA Bubble has brought the world’s top basketball players together. Although isolated, the NBA’s best have found a variety of ways to maintain engagement with their fans. Nowhere has this opportunity been more obvious than social media.  NBA Players have seen a 46% increase in Instagram activity in the bubble. Away from their families

How Seeking Scholarships Might Prepare Athletes for NIL Endorsements

Earning an athletic scholarship isn’t easy. High school athletes dream of the opportunity to continue their playing career in college. For most, it’s just not reality. Even those skilled enough in their sport to earn offers are likely striving for another at the next level. There’s always a step up… The athlete with D2 offers

The Top 100 Athletes on Social Media | 2019-1

Social media has certainly changed the game for athletes and sports influencers around the world, at every level of play. And with a recent survey citing over 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide, it’s safe to say that these influential individuals have ample opportunity to change the face of social media, influencer, and advocacy

Are PR and Social Media Really Competitors?

We’ll get right to the point in answering the question we’re asking in the title of this article. The answer is: No. An emphatic No, at that. A common misconception is that Public Relations teams, we’ll call them Team Traditionalists, are having to shoo away the new Social Media Marketing minds, let’s name them Team

Leveraging Twitch Advertising to Reach New Audiences

Despite millions of daily users, there are still plenty of people who are unaware of one of the most popular streaming services around – Twitch. If you’re a gamer or just a tech savvy individual who knows all about it already, you can skip the next couple of paragraphs to where we talk about how

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Opendorse Influencer Campaign
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louisville opendorse ready
Opendorse Influencer Campaign
Opendorse Ready - TCU