Are PR and Social Media Really Competitors?

We’ll get right to the point in answering the question we’re asking in the title of this article. The answer is: No. An emphatic No, at that. A common misconception is that Public Relations teams, we’ll call them Team Traditionalists, are having to shoo away the new Social Media Marketing minds, let’s name them Team

Leveraging Twitch to Reach New Audiences

Despite millions of daily users, there are still plenty of people who are unaware of one of the most popular streaming services around – Twitch. If you’re a gamer or just a tech savvy individual who knows all about it already, you can skip the next couple of paragraphs to where we talk about how

B2B Prospecting Made Possible with Social Media

Generating new, valuable leads is no easy task for B2B sales teams. You can send dozen of cold emails and dial hundreds of unsuspecting prospects… but the reality is, traditional cold sales techniques have gone stale. Those calls and emails that sales teams have relied on? They’re often unwanted. Even if you do get a

NIL Ready: Preparing Student-Athletes to Win in the New Era of Name, Image, and Likeness Rights | Part 3

Athlete marketing is an art and science. While industry marketers are armed with actionable data, there are many variables at play when it comes to how a brand determines which athlete to work with. A brand may be after affiliation with a select superstar. Perhaps an athlete’s ideals or interests align perfectly. Or maybe that

how to user instagram hashtags
How To Use Instagram Hashtags and Find The Best Ones

Hashtags have been through the ringer for the last decade; from being a cheesy gimmick that everyone mocked, to being a mainstay of marketing on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. While still the butt of an occasional “OMG hashtag blessed” joke here and there, most of us are using or following hashtags in our daily lives

NIL Earning Potential of Nebraska Volleyball Student-Athletes

Almost all media coverage of Name, Image, and Likeness has focused on the superstars. The Heisman contenders and All Americans in the most nationally visible sports of football and men’s basketball. But the student-athlete NIL opportunity doesn’t stop with the Zion Williamson’s of the world. And it goes beyond the gridiron or the hardwood of

how to write a personal brand statement
How to Write a Personal Brand Statement

You may have heard the term “branding” or “brand statement” tossed around in business books or articles before. You may have glossed over it, because why would you as an employee of another company need one. Or, you might think that branding just means a logo and the colors a company uses on their website.

NIL Ready: Preparing Student-Athletes to Win in the New Era of Name, Image, and Likeness Rights | Part 2

Name, image, and likeness rights monetization is nothing new. In fact, athletes have been earning money this way for decades.  Until recently — the moment that student-athlete compensation began to dominate the college athletics conversation — the term “NIL” was reserved for professional athlete marketing contracts and group licensing deals. But these opportunities activate in

Where Does Social Media Belong in B2B Marketing?

Too many B2B companies have ignored – or misused – social media for too long. Old school marketing organizations have read the same best practices, passively activated bland strategies, and ultimately, ceded their opportunity with these powerful communications platforms under the assumption that social “isn’t for them.” It’s time for a change. B2B business big

social media and seo
Social Media and SEO

Social media and SEO are pillars of any digital marketing strategy and crucial to a brand’s online success but the relationship between the two has always been muddy. Do Facebook shares and retweets help improve organic ranking? Digital marketers have varying opinions about the impact social media has on SEO but one thing is clear,